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LFS does not use the advanced features of your video card like Anti Aliasing or Anistropic filtering by default. You have to force it to do so by r/clicking on your desktop and opening the properties box, from there, click settings and advanced, which should get you into the control settings for your video card. My Radeon runs the catalyst control software which has a tab labelled 3D. underneath that is the settings I want to alter. The type of graphics card in your machine will determine what your options panel looks like.

Enabling AA and AF will give LFS a much smoother appearance, and enable you to grab a higher quality screenshot.
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Vale's edit at night. Or, an attempt at least.
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Thanks Smax
I tried your tip and I'll post my settings screen for my graphics card and a screenshot ingame.
Havent watched the screen yet so I hope it worked.
If it didn't work, can you give me a little help with the settings screen?
In the settings screenshot You can see what i've edited.
It's in dutch but i put everything on high so...

EDIT: oh...It's very small
When i make screens with printscreen button theyre low quality and with fraps theyre auto-resized cuz theyre 2.25 mb... ... 2006-06-1112-42-39-85.jpg
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What resolution to you play LFS on? 800x600? 1024x768?

Try as high as you can go to get nicer, bigger pictures.

What program do you use to paste the screenshot into when you use 'prtscrn' ? I use MSPAINT
1024x768 yes..
And i use adobe photoshop CS (version 8.0)
I can see from your screen shot that you have AF set to 16x which will make a big difference. Unfortunately like most of the English I only speak English, so I have no clue wtf your windows screen grab is all about

As for screenshotting the game, well I just use the windows print screen function even though I have fraps installed.

If your screenshots are coming out as small as that then check the fraps settings to make sure that the software isn't setup to take screenshots at a specific [small] size.
The screens with fraps are big but with uploading theyre automatically resized.. theyre too big for this forum upload and for imageshack so photobucket...

I've just checked the graphics settings @ lfs and i saw it was 16 bit
So now i've changed it from 1024x768 16 bit to 1024x76 32 bit and the screen is better, here it is
Quality is at least way better but still not optimal.
I've pasted the printscreen in Paint and saved it as jpeg as you can see..
Maybe i have to save it as bitmap or psd/png with photoshop for higher quality?
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Naaaah a format other than jpg is just gonna mean a bigger file.

PNG or TIFF would be better ones to use than bitmap... they just make the baby router cry.

If you've maxed your video card's settings then only increasing the screen resolution within LFS is going to give you a better quality [and bigger] shot BUT that's going to give you a frame rate hit, so it's just a question of balancing eye-candy and system performance.
Can anyone edit the screen now it's high(er) quality?

EDIT: New screen!
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There's a couple of tricks you can pull within LFS itself to improve your screenshots.

Get a high resolution version of the skin preferably 2048 pixels square [bigger doesn't make much difference] and use it for screenshots.

By which I don't just mean take the 1024 pixel skin and double its size, but actually
make a 2048 pixel version next time you make a skin.

Under the game options tab turn the skin compression off when you want to take screenshots I think that's in the game/misc section.

Any ideas what sort of "edit" you'd like?
I'll have a bash at it later, but I intend to watch the football first
Quote from Solidum[NL] :So it's good like this?
Maybe .png for higher qual?
Can anyone edit the screen now it's high(er) quality?

And it would be better if you could fix the fraps numbers in the top..cut them out? xD

Do the following for Photoshop.
In LFS take screenshots with Printscreen button.Then ALT-TAB to Photoshop.Then ione a new file it the size will be automatically set to the resolution you use in LFS.
Then SAVE AS Jpeg and put the quality slider to 10-12.Thats the best jepg quality you can get.
IT seems you have half-resolution textures enabled in LFS.Make the LFs use full-res textures.

Also try to set up in drivers just for taking screenshots AA+AF to max.You kight get low FPS but when you take screenshots it doesnt have to bother will put it backl for online game.

Hope this will help
Right, got your new shot & it's much better, like I said I'll do something with it later, watching your team play football is today's priority...come on Holland!!
Does that mean you like it? Or does it look gay?
It's pretty ok IMO..
But remove the big post with the light...ever seen that on a racetrack?
Without it willl look way better
Yeah but i had to put something there, it was impossible to get rid of the reflection on the glass/roof of the car (from the sun) without redrawing the whole thing. So i just added the lightpost so it would make more sense!
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Quote from scoobyrbac :Here is my crappy pic.. I dont have photoshop I just use IrfanView it might be a little to sharpened but oh well I don't do this every day..

i dunno, a bit late to post, but here are the options:

-or you have a lfs S2 licenced account
-or you can photoshop really good
-ur you have a hack?
i don't wan't to offence you, but its possible...
soz if i'm wrong.....
Quote from kiss me :i dunno, a bit late to post, but here are the options:

-or you have a lfs S2 licenced account
-or you can photoshop really good
-ur you have a hack?
i don't wan't to offence you, but its possible...
soz if i'm wrong.....

Let me be the first to say.. What?

He edited someone elses screenshot ?
i'm stupid i appologise(right word?)
Don't be so mean to yourself.

It just doesn't make sense to us.

Apologise is the right word

no ill go and do something verry good!!!!
i'll ask my dad is he will buy me a lfs S2 license!!! yay!

Steal his credit card!

Edit my screenshot
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