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The tyre temps and pressures I can get from burnouting in the grass seems pretty legit
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Quote from Töki (HUN) :Erm, no. Textures are way too low-res. The laser scanned version with proper textures will be much better.

Offcourse it will be, but with AC's graphics engine, HDR, sun effects etc, everything looks awesome, take Joux Plane as an example, 10 years old, still looks photo-realistic when you drive...

@ troy

Thanks, yeah i did something in the settings, not sure if it's the shadows that helped, but it's much more enjoyable now.
Quote from Boris Lozac :
Btw, from what sim's do you know the track this well.. I drove it on GT4 and GT5 for some time, but not for a few years..

Grand Prix Legends
Quote from troy :It is quite hard on gpu, try turning down the shadows, that helped me getting a lot better performance on some parts of the track.

No, currently it's all hard on CPU. GPU is not even half used in MP. I have a good GPU, and with mid settings I can get up to even 170 fps, but MP with the same settings it just drops to 70-80 and with many cars around I have 40-50+ fps, at night drops even to 30+ fps. So... Definitely AC is not just all about GPU. You can't state that.
We are talking about the nordschleife addon track, and that is hard on GPU. (I've got a GTX770 and it's on 99% GPU usage in some parts with 4xsgssaa)
Already miss setupfield for AC. :P
Warning CPU ussage > 95%. What does it mean? What's wrong with it? I would want it to be 100% all the time
Quote from NitroNitrous :Warning CPU ussage > 95%. What does it mean? What's wrong with it? I would want it to be 100% all the time

Lets say you have pint. It's empty, you can do what the ever you want with. Then you fill it 50% with beer, you can do pretty much the same as with empty pint with out spilling, but be more careful. Then you fill the same pint to 95% of beer, you need to be really careful not to spill, even a single wrong move can make you spill your beer. Fill the same pint with 110% -> :drink:
Yeah, what krane said. Get more beer.
What a great comparison, cheers And is there anything I can do to keep it below 95%? What's the point of the message otherwise
Quote from NitroNitrous :What a great comparison, cheers And is there anything I can do to keep it below 95%? What's the point of the message otherwise

The game needs more CPU, close all other programs to free some resources. That is the only thing you can do, unless you want to change your CPU.

I see that warning at about 50% of the time while in a race (online or with AI). Not comfortable at all, yet it is playable. Didn't want to spend money on a new computer, but sure everytime I fire up AC I have the same impulse to just buy all the new parts haha
Last corner was a big surprise.
For the life of me I can't get a dedicated server running.
First I had the requesting car list timed out problem and now I cannot connect to server.

I can always see it on the list of servers but just can't get in either the first problem and now the next.

AC can't list my ping so I think it got to be something with port forwarding.

I have a DLink DIR-868L.
Is there modded cars for this game yet?
Well, at least DC doesn't have visible polygons all over the place. (We can have mods though.)

I agree that AC's shade settings are more "honest", if that's the word.
For me (at least by default) the HDR effects are too over-done and just cheaply dress-up okay but not amazing graphics. The sky is almost invariably white and bloomy, and the windscreen dirt/scratched effect is too much and too in-focus when in reality you look through, not at, the screen.
Yes you look through it, but you also get blinded by the sun and can barely see at times.. which AC replicates very very well.
Honestly wouldn't play it at all if my PC couldn't handle the HDR, it's just so well done imho. Driving through Joux Plane or the Ring.. didn't experienced anything more realistic generally in gaming.. Notice the realistic part, not how many polygons and zero's it has..
The most impressive moment for me has been following a stock e30 through flugplatz, on semi slick tyres, and watching the realistic reaction of the car on the limit of grip. That's what counts. Eye candy is something they make sure you notice, like games with big fat lens flare, and that's why it normally detracts as much as it adds, it certainly doesn't improve AC for me.
That's the thing, i usually don't fall for those effects and most of the time turn them off if it's possible, but here the HDR, that windshield dirt, the high reflections on the tarmac... really look super realistic to me.. without those it looks like LFS almost..

Kunos Simulazioni - Assetto Corsa
(8873 posts, started )