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Mafia II
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#1 - Dmt
Mafia II
Release Date: 27 Aug 2010

First game ever which I cant wait to be released!
Likewise. The first was one of the best games ever made imo
Alot of info in the post. I can wait for the game, although it looks like quite some fun.
#4 - Dmt
Quote from Bose321 :Alot of info in the post. I can wait for the game, although it looks like quite some fun.

What info you need?

Name tells everything.
#5 - Mysho
I smell mainstream.

The first one was epic, I don't think this will be better.
Well, for start, things like system specs, platforms, etc.
I would say, step over to rockstar games upcoming game, called "L.A. Noire" - same old atmosphere, more improved features on theyr RAGE&Euphoria engine, what more could u want? Check here.
That looks good. Doesn't use PissX I believe, so that's even better.
#9 - Mysho
Quote from Bose321 :L.A. Noire?

Mafia II does, that's why I say it.

I think he meant L.A Noire and PhysX ... it doesnt use it. Rockstar currently uses theyr own RAGE engine with Euphoria, period. No physx or anything like that. If it had physx or such, it wouldnt be so cpu heavy tho, lolo.
Hehe i actually just finished the first one again a few weeks ago good times.
Hope this one is as great as the first.
I'm looking forward to this game so much.

The original on PC in my eyes looking back was so far ahead of its time.
My anticipation for this game are high, so i hope i won't be disappointed.
I was at Game Developers Convention last year in Brno and they have supplied us with some very interesting info there, even though it was early in the development, so if at least half of it becomes real, it will.. no, it MUST be 100/100 game.

Also demo is scheduled for 10th August, so don't miss it!
...waiting for m2..., also that rockstar thing looks interesting, think they both are worth to try atleast
My expectations for the game are low. Mafia 1 was one of the best. They will overdo it with Mafia 2 probably. Flashy graphics, flashy (shooter) gameplay, arcadish driving etc.
Quote from Lible :Flashy graphics, flashy (shooter) gameplay, arcadish driving etc.

Thats what we have already seen in the gameplay videos. Also, on steam if u preorder it, u'll get free mafia 1 right away
I usually don't get too involved in games before they are released.

If what you (I ) said is true then it certainly won't be a brilliant game. But of course the GTA series are good too in their own right so it may just as well be a good game, just not in the way that the original game was.
#19 - Dmt
Quote from Lible :arcadish driving etc.

You can select if you want arcadish or sim.
Demo is out. Go play! For me it's really improved GTA4 in 50s era. Looooking forward to full game. Wanna play more!
#21 - Dmt
why im not excited..
Love it.

Simple as. Bring on 27th!
Tryed the demo ... far from what i expected. This game doesnt feel attractive in any way. The controls, the driving ... everything is just so horrible.
Did you switch driving model to simulation? In the options... And I like the demo overall, the controls are nice, driving is nice... It's the good old mafia in a new engine
I agree. It's horrible, everything feels so static, and the driving is just a joke.

This will never come close to GTAIV
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Mafia II
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