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Happy Birthday GT5!
Quote from ACCAkut :in-depth car sound comparison (~15 minutes) ... ature=channel_video_title

What comparison? With all the reverb in his room a comparison is as laughable as the videos he's slating at the beginning... If he wants to compare RL to an amplified signal (which let's face it, not that many people want to spend the bucks for), it should have come straight from the amplifier, not from a mic in his room...
Online trolling is fun
Good to see but not a dlc I would be excited by.

New circuits please, plus physics improvements (natch).
1 fking car that isnt a Nissan, great.
I wish autoblip could be turned off
Quote from Gabkicks :I wish autoblip could be turned off


requested this so many times.
I'm so glad it doesn't look like the FT86 concept! was so beat... Is it out for sale IRL?
Quote from Gabkicks :I wish autoblip could be turned off

Whaaat? I was thinking about getting PS3 and GT5... but not anymore
Did Toyota steal the arse from BMW?
Based on the Lexus coupe I saw in person, I would say no, it looks way better
Quote from Uke :So, what is autoblip?

When you downshift, the game automatically blips the throttle to avoid locking up of wheels.
Which is kind of annoying, but IMHO no reason to miss out on this otherwise great game (notice I said game, not sim!)
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if anyone is doing online races with b spec drivers for cash
GT5 is getting the Scirocco before LFS.

Scawen is the new member of GT5 staff.
Seems like PD can't release additional cars without one of them being a Nissan.

I am really looking forward to this update. Some standard cars could seriously do with some aftermarket wheels.
I don't understand why we have to pay for the new GTR.. it just has a new bumper, wheels and slightly better engine.

What a waste, I just hope that these new racing sounds are half-decent.
if they add a GTI-R into the DLC I would buy it... missing since GT2

Gran Turismo 5
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