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Quote from three_jump :It's italian, do you really need to know more?

In each forum there's ever an idiot that don't loose the occasion to say the day crap.
Quote from michele0676 :In each forum there's ever an idiot that don't loose the occasion to say the day crap.

Yeah, I've reported his post already.

How dare he?
Guys, does anybody know how to create custom cameras in nKPro 1.1? I think I've read some time ago that it can be done, but I don't remember where I read it.
Thank you!
Just for completeness

Link to an interview with Stefano KUNOS Casillo.
In case people might miss the main link in the off topic listing. And maybe for future reference since I think this thread might live a bit longer.
F'n 'eh.

That's wicked
Makes me even more frustrated I lost my licence details and can't request a new activation because I can't access the email account that I used when I purchased a licence!
Have you tried to talk to Jaap? He's usually pretty reasonable with those things.
I have sent a second email to Stefano explaining the predicament I am in a bit better than last time I emailed. Hopefully he will understand. I have people who can vouch for me paying for the sim such as yourself and people in the Radicals team who interviewed Stefano himself, so hopefully I'll be able to sort something out. Touch wood!
Stefano emailed me back very quickly and said if I give him the old email address then he can check up on the history, presumably to make sure I'm legit. Mailed him the old email address so hopefully I can get a new licence!
Looks nice, too bad I don't enjoy single seaters...
I would rather see him fixing the netcode once and for all, don't get me wrong I can't wait to test some rainy weather with the f16/1800 or the abarth but it would be so much more important to get the netcode right to finally kickstart the multiplayer part. Right now it is pretty empty again unless you are part of some special "blessed" group of people who beta test new tracks and cars.

Yes the netcode got better in 1.1 but there still are ghost collisions and the over sensitive damage doesn't help either. Look at iRacing/lfs for example even with a constant ping of 170-200ms I still dare to race a lot closer then I ever would in netkar under perfect conditions. ... version-1-2-released.html

Version 1.2 Has just been released. New Formula car included, need to wait for rain. GOGO people online! < for download mirrors.

> Added the new FormulaKS2 car
> Improved tyre model
> Improved differential model
> Improved multiplayer contact response
> Improved loading times
> Added a live laptime report for multiplayer races
> Added realtime performance meter
> “Controls” overlay is now on by default
> Controls overlay now show brake and throttle activity during replay
> Fixed wrong steer ration showing during replays recorded with different steer lock
> Smoother steering wheel movements during replay
> Only PAYCODE is now NEEDED to unlock the lincense
Quote from EliteAti :
> Improved tyre model
> Improved differential model

Has me jazzed to try it out. All about the physics, baby.
I'm a poor judge in physics, but the new OW car is pretty fun. I wonder what others wil think.
Megaupload links there are broken
I have an ATI 5870 card, and it seems that my AA/AF settings in Catalyst have 0 effect ingame.. anyone else have this problem? Any solutions?

Have to test more tomorrow.. initial impressions is that the front end has less grip than before and the back end is a little more "snappy" than before. I hope he made some improvement to the netcode!! Have to try that tomorrow.
I was online with Troy earlier, i was wheel to wheel with one guy for a couple of corners and there were no netcode related problems

EDIT: FYI, I use nvidia, and I can still force the AA/AF settings in the control panel just fine...
my god the car is like an F08 on the grass. Isn't it a bit unrealistic that formula cars in this size have absolutely no control, nor grip. I feel like driving on ice. First it understeers then i spin.
I am getting very annoying vibrations at the wheel especially at low speeds, does anybody know what setting should i fiddle with to get rid of them?
you can set ffb at the setup in the pits.

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