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NetKar Pro [v1.3 released]
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ok whatever probably wont bother with it anymore... just have ubuntu on the laptop installed which isnt exactly the mega gaming machine anyway... so when winter comes and i dont spent my money on fuel etc for my motobike new gaming machine with windows will rock hopefully
Just installed NkPro (had it years ago but don't remember actually driving it), this shit's impressive, really loving the physics.. Can someone give me some good steering setup for this demo car, not sure how to setup the linearity and all that.
Hmh, I'd love some online action in nK.. Gonna go vote!
Quote from Flame CZE :For anyone interested, netKar PRO is now in the voting stage at Steam Greenlight as nKPro Racing. If they ever succeed, it might boost the online activity, although the netcode isn’t very good.

Vote here ... filedetails/?id=104579229

I dunno why.. but the UIG posting it doesn't seem like it's legit. Maybe it's just my skepticism.. but it doesn't seem like Kuno's has authorized the GreenLight post.

Especially with Asseto Corsa in the wing, it doesn't make sense to launch the old product with modifications to do Steam online.
It is already being sold as boxed version by the same publisher, Kunos gave some infos on that and reworked the UI for them. So it is legit and with the permission of Kunos.
Okay. Just my random concern of it being unofficial. C'est la vie. On steam would make it more awesome.
steam would make it easier to download, every time I've used their mirrors it gets corrupted at least once and have to download it again.
OK, so I suppose this thing won't get any updates anymore, now that Kunos is busy with his new Assetto Corsa project. Isn't it?

Does anyone know why Kunos started a brand new simracing project, instead of developping netkar pro further?
Because netkar was on the limit with its engine, he posted about that on racedep. when the same question was asked, some of the code still came from the netkar namie project, with him being italian and 10+ year old code you can imagine the mess it must've been
It's like iRacing continuing there NR2003 code. It's taking longer to implement some of the bigger updates, not because it's ridiculously difficult (it could be and their programmers are just smart), but that they are having to rewrite quite a bit of their code.

Plus AC seems to have a broader outlook than Netkar.
hmmm... :P Are you still running?
Nope, it was just the 1.5h before the start of Daytona this time.
i will give it a go but is so unfriendly with the mouse that its make me not to download at all...
I've become so rusty, have no idea what kind of lap it is and how much faster it's possible, default setup, demo combo (f1600 @ crema).. Love the physics

NetKar Pro [v1.3 released]
(2766 posts, started )