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NetKar Pro [v1.3 released]
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His problem is he seems to judge nKp (or any other sim for that matter) by its hosting options and capabilities and not by its physics, driving feel and whatnot like most simracers will do. He hardly even seems interested in the actual driving aspect In that regard I can sort of see where he's coming from, as the hosting side of nKp could use some more work. That said, he's still a ****ing retard for bringing up Moose's last played date as an argument, that just doesn't make any sense at all. What a tool...
Well i installed netkar pro and when i play on single monitor it plays ok but when i try eyefinity setup all the trees pop in and out and graphics pop up every where i have even put all the settings to lowest but still no joy. i have a 5970 card which should run this no problem and a i7 920 @ 4 gig and 6 gig of ddr3 ram at 1600 but still not running right but live for speed runs so smooth on my eyefinity setup any advice how to get this to work with eyefinity would be great
I know there are people running dual and triple monitor setups (e.g. Jaap) so it is possible, but I have no clue as to what technology they are using to do that.
Most likely Jaap uses a Matrox TripleHead2Go which emulates a single HD-Monitor

I need to take back some (most) of the things I said about it feeling weird. Everything is behaving as expected and I'm loving how the car can transition from under-to-over or even over-to-under-back-to-over-again in a single corner.

I think Aosta with the bumps and elevation changes is not a good place to establish a baseline judgment of the physics. I've been spending more time on flat smooth Prato and it lets the car do it's thing. Absolutely loving how NKP drives and feels.
Does anyone run Nkpro on a triple screen setup using softth? i am struggling to get it to work.
I had it 'working' but not worth doing as the objects get culled off screen far too early because of FOV overrides and stuff. I would be interested in getting this solved, as it makes it unplayable in triple monitor with SoftTH,
These days I don't know how many nKP players are actually checking LFSforum on a regular basis... I guess your best bet is to ask the question on a forum dedicated specifically to nKP, like e.g. drivingitalia or GPC (there are many others, anyway)
Hi guys .
Could someone post a setup for F1800, please?
I suck terribly at that aspect of sims
1.1 Final Update 2 is out!


- Fixed crash on AMD CPUs not supporting SSE2 set
- Overall performance improvement due to better handling of collision detection
- Fixed one case of wrong direction of tyre force vectors, generated at combined levels of slip
- Fixed bump stops slowing down movement during suspension extension (should be noticeable on curbs)
- Added support for loading cameras from 3d parties tracks (via KTO file)
- Added support to export/import cameras in KOFLite editor (save camera file as camera.nkc2 in the track folder)

This is the first update to be deployed through the new autoupdate system. When you first fire up nKP you should be asked whether you want to update. Click on update and then begin update.

The process is quick and painless. If the update is successful your nKS version should read

If you have troubles with the autoupdate system please report your issues on the official forum:

edit: reworded the fixes in italics using more detailed info from Kunos. The rest is taken word for word from Kunos' post.

PS: today is a national holyday. I have the feeling Kunos tends to work on nKP during the breaks from his other 'pro' projects...
Yay for updates!
Kunos says a new update is coming, it will feature an enhanced FFB wrt self centering torque and improved differential modeling when coasting.
Good news! So it will be nKPro for me this weekend
Update is out already, just launch nKP as usual and it will ask you to perform it.


1. Improved equation for self aligning torque (M_z)
2. Improved equation for the coast side of the differential (power has received a bit of love too)
3. Implemented an automatic pitlane speed limiter
Thanks for the info Nightshift. I'd never thought Kunos would update nkp in such a quick succession
Seems like he's putting the autoupdate system to good use

BTW when Final was released, he also added that 'something exciting is up and coming in 2 months'. They have now passed and this activity of late might not just be random bugfixing. OTOH we all know Kunos is hardly ever on time, so...
Yay for updates!

Auto updater worked nicely.

I guess I dont mind the auto pit speed limiter. You can actually get going pretty fast before it kicks in.
Kunos popped up to reply a Q about the tyre model, how it works and the relationship between temperature and grip.

Quote :Tyres are affected by a ton of interactions that are hardly predictable and depend a lot on the driving style, especially with an understeering and FWD car like the 500. Tyres initially require some break-in, during this time there's less grip and it's easier for the car to understeer..this can lead to a sudden increase in the temperature that is carried along for the whole test.

If you start slowly instead, the fronts won't overheat right away, and once 'broken in' they'll express their optimal grip and prevent the understeering which is responsible for increased temps.

Will they be bringing the hillclimb track as planned?
Yeah it will be out soon after the Rally Pack is released
Thanks Nightshift, you broke my sarcasm-detector
I got it here since about a year, so you could say that it is actually out already (you could download it from the marangoni site), I doubt we will ever see it in the official version. It still is uploaded on sendspace if you want to have a go, uses old pre 1.03 beta physics though and feels pretty understeery but it still is good fun trying to get up that hill.

Q = ABS Off
T = Traction Control Off
G = Auto Gears Off
Last week i was in Imola track and i did launch with Stefano Casillo (Kunos).
I say that in september we'll see some good news.
Stefano talk about trento-bordone and Osella cars, (with honda 2 liter 240 cv).
Nice news !
IMO you should really be posting this on DI, not just here.
Quote from michele0676 :Last week i was in Imola track and i did launch with Stefano Casillo (Kunos).
I say that in september we'll see some good news.
Stefano talk about trento-bordone and Osella cars, (with honda 2 liter 240 cv).
Nice news !

"Good news,the Dac..." ah no,this is something else.
Nice to hear Stefano has something boiling into the pot for us,let's see if this wakes up somebody i know.

NetKar Pro [v1.3 released]
(2766 posts, started )