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Google chrome
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Google chrome
Anyone downloaded it or trying it out? Available from

I'm using it at the moment, feels quite nice. UI and how it works might take some getting used to.
#2 - Jakg
Bollocks - Was just about to make a new thread on this
typing this in chrome, and am amazed about the speed.
#4 - Jakg
I know it's a quick little bastard!

If only it had a version of AdBlock...
Yeah, this makes IE resemble a g-wiz being towed by a Trabant.

Jakg - It's only been released for a few hours, give it time
google crome does not support your version of windoes =[
What are you using? 3.1?
#8 - Jakg
What version of Windows do you have?!

(Vista x64 btw, runs fine...)
Quote from anbiddulph :google crome does not support your version of windoes =[

Same here. It's xp professional.
XP Home works like a dream.
It'll be big, this. People are finally starting to see what a godawful browser Internet Explorer is, and Firefox was on the way to becoming the prominent browser. This will almost certainly change things once they've got all the issues ironed out.

And I see they've nicked a load of features from Opera
Working fine on xp pro, very impressive so far.
#13 - Jakg
Based on Gecko, but it's very very very fast.

Might be using this over Firefox!
meh so another browser to test websites with - hurray :P

seems nice, but see no reason to get off FF.
also couldn't find an option to not use tabs. I'm prolly one of the few who doesn't like tabs.
#15 - Nobo
Seems to be pretty slim and fast. But is missing some bookmark options i need.
It seems to support Firefox bookmark plugins Nobo, click the "other bookmarks" thingy on the bookmarks bar. I have not tried any I only ever use the bar thingy myself. That encouraged me to try Firebug where I did find that the download manager is quite cool, but alas, Firebug said "Browser says no...".

On the plus side all my sites seem fine, so i've got no extra work to do YAY!
Great for me so far, but needs mouse gestures before I can use it full time.

Also, it seems to choke on some flash-heavy sites (tinypic, for instance).
Looks good but LFS Remote (sorry to mention it Vic) seems a bit jerky.

(Beaten by DWB but another example).
yeah i just tried. Quite unusable in chrome. However I wouldn't know what to do about that. Seems more like it's a chrome / flash issue.
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Well, looking on what I've heard, is it's multi-threaded doesn't do well with the Flash plugin, due to "sandbox" nature. Also, you shouldn't haffto test with "another browser" with Chrome, seeing as it's webkit, therefore if it works on Safari, it works in Chrome (and the JS is ****ing fast!)

Running on XP pro here too though, and it installed. SP3.

Really damn fast, makes browsing sites such as Digg nice, due to the heavy JS usage. Also, using this random JS test I found, Chrome scored 40 ms, and FF scored over 200ms, Safari beat FF with 175~, and IE lost with 500+ ms. Looks like it'll be interesting, especially seeing function wise (dragging tabs out into new windows, etcera) looks like Safari, but done right for Windows, which = win.

Flash runs well here though, Remote just goes nicely on
Quote from Victor :meh so another browser to test websites with - hurray :P

That was my first thought.

I don't understand why they've released a browser when they've already got their toolbar into most homes already.
I like it... smooth and fast, interface nice and clean

If only it had smooth scroll...
google chrome didn't make any better
#24 - CSU1
Quote :google Chrome For Linux Is In Development And A Team Of Engineers Is Working Hard To Bring It To You As Soon As Possible.

Please Enter Your Email Address Below And We'll Let You Know When It's Released.

i cant imagine it any faster
Just downloaded it, I love the idea of sandboxing and the new JS engine which seem to set it apart from "current gen" browsers. When/if Adblock comes out for it I'd probably use it full time. It IS bloody quick!

Google chrome
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