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Bloom lighting addon for LFS
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Bloom lighting addon for LFS
I was having some fun with the HDR addon thats been doing the rounds on the rFactor/GTR2 scene (I think it's bloom actually but what the hell do I know) It was made for GTA by a guy called Boris Vorontsov but it works in a lot of other games too including most of the simbin and ISI sims as well as Richard burns rally.

The plugin is basically a modified DX9.dll with an .ini file which allows you to adjust quite a few parameters ranging from gamma and colour correction through to Bloom settings and ambient occlusion and motion blur Blah blah blah....

Anyways, I noticed that there was a DirectX 8 version on his website so I dropped it into the LFS folder and guess what, bobs yer uncle, fanny's yer auntie, bloom lighting in LFS. I don't know if motion blur and ambient occlusion works as I've not messed about too much with it yet but the bloom works and it looks quite nice if done subtly and theres no performance hit for me but my rigs half decent.

I know a lot of LFS'ers are purists and believe me I'm not trying to make LFS look like some sort of arcade discosimulator, I just thought i'd try and get a few people interested in tweaking this so we can get the most out of LFS. If you don't like it don't use it but I honestly believe it looks excellent and you can make it as extreme or as sublte as you like so give it a blast, it breathes a little something extra into LFS's unique atmosphere IMO.

Here's a few screenies and a link to the files, just drop them in your LFS directory and edit the "enbseries.ini" to your hearts content.


New attached files have all options disabled apart from bloom, this should help with compatibility issues.

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its cool, but where i need to put those two files?
my god thats beautiful but I think we'll need some further instructions on how to use this
Sorry guys I should have been more clear.. Just unzip the 2 files into the main LFS root directory. shift + backspace disables/enables in game. Heres a link to the creators homepage with files with a readme on what each parameter does also. The file that is used in LFS is called "GTA ViceCity v0.005"
I dont know if its working or not....but all I get is a black screen.
Great!Now ive encountered another problem.LFS has encountered a problem and needs to close.*sigh*Why does it happen to me?
Tryed both version...none working.I got a 7950GT I want to have this bloom lighting...
I have the Nvidia 8600gt and its still not working.

Edit:Its not the DX8 file,its the enb because ive putted the other file in the folder.It still gives me a black screen.
Well, I went from a steady 75fps to 10. Hmmmm....
Interseting effect though.
Well tested it again.I tested it on X,works.Im on patch Y14 so maybe thats why it wouldnt work.Maybe it would work on patch Y.
Evryone getting the black screen, try this tweak, now i know it's not as eyecandy-ish as in the screens, but imo looks a lot more realistic (whatever that means). Will try to get it looking as good as in the original screens.
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Works great on my new laptop w Quadro FX3500, thanks for the heads up!

Makes it feel so much more real as the cars dive into the light then back into the shadows.
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The menu-bloom is funny.

Also, realistic... I AM SO BLIND RIGHT NOW!
lol, it's weird stuff, tweaking the ini makes it go nuts sometimes.

Edit: Another Ini version for those who get black screen + a preview image.
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Quote from bumper :when im using no AA in LFS this works, otherwise it's a black screen

confirmed.Those who have black screen, try switching off AA, it should work.
I set my contrast, digital vibrance, and gamma in such a way that when the sun faces the back of a car, it is bright enough to make part of the license plate impossible to read.
Now with this, I probably won't be able to see part of the car's backside!
Still, it is a visually appealing mod and I happen to like it.

The crashes from this bloom remind me of an RPG from codemasters I used to play. Basically all of the Nvidia graphic card users crashed when they tried to turn bloom lighting on.
Looks too good to be true. When I get back to home, I will test this.
The moment painted conrete looks as shiney as this when a lightsource hits it, i'm starting to wear welders glasses all day and night. ... fs2008041500440851rm0.jpg
(left side)

And i really can't miss AA, get shiney effects in some places in return for lots of jaggies all over,no thanks.
Don't see much difference for the rest.
it affects AA badly, i use 16x but it made it look there was none
It works, thank you OP!

I like the fact that I can edit the settings through the .ini -file. AA works if I enable it from driver side and turn it off on LFS. So LFS _can_ look like NFS but one can make the effect more subtle.

Too bad the .dll replaces the custom .dll by SoulHunta..

Geforce 6600GT here
I had no idea ATi made nVidia cards... NS, are you sure you don't mean a Geforce 6600GT, or some ATi x***.** card? (replace * with random numbers that ATi have no idea what they mean)
ATI 3850 here, working smooth for now.
Good job real life doesn't look like that! And I bet it looks even worse in motion! Never seem my white race suit arms flare up in real life...

Bloom lighting addon for LFS
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