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Analog Gauges v 1.0
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hey guys,
i have this problem:

i made all how it stands in the readme but it doesnt works. what could i do? i have vista!

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Worked for me when i went to the "Multiplayer -> Start new host -> and removed the passwords and the ports from there.
Quote from MonStarr :Worked for me when i went to the "Multiplayer -> Start new host -> and removed the passwords and the ports from there.

Glad I helped. I read it somewhere in the previous pages.
biger gauges
i want 2x biger gauges ,can u help me?
They dont work!!!!!!!

How the hell r u guys on z getting em to work? I get the stuff at the top left at start up but nothing works!!! And wth is strg?
Problem with using AnalogeGauges configurator!!!
Quote from riskredruM :Ok, here are two thinks which I want you to test.

The new AnaGauges Configurator with some new features and bugfixes.

AND the new d3d8.dll with the new features. Be sure to activate the new things in gauges.ini to see them. Fuel is a little more exact that it needed to.
But it´s for testing.

Please make a backup of your existing files.


I downloaded this program and i had no problems with opening it. I don't know how to use it exactly, but my common sense tells me that first I need to click on "START RENDERING" and start entering the values, angles, etc... I think that the speedo or what ever the gauge is, should be displayed on the righthand of the window. But mine nothing is displaying. Why is this, or am I going wrong? If some one can make a manual or how to use it, it may be helpfull for me.

Thanks for help.
problem when editing gauges!!1
another question, how can you edit the gauges, because I converted a gauge so I can edit it with the "paint" and when I converted back to its original type the gauge came like on the the picture below. can anyone explain to me why this happenes?

Sorry for my bad English.
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Analog Gauges v 1.0
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