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Analog Gauges v 1.0
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I got that.
But will steering wheel rotate/spin/work then? No, i guess.
Quote from :When you should disable the wheel in LFS and make a wheel picture that moves just like the gauges is in Analog Guages!

Then you could make a different wheel for all the cars. Is that possible? To read out the steering wheel values?

You will not have the hands/gloves on te wheel anymore then. :thumbsdow

Yes!! that sounds like a very good idea!
for me is not working with x30 patch ,and probably would not work with Y . Can you fix it? or vith version 1.0 is this project death? (maybe not time for this things )

EDIT: still not working for me with x31 ,hmm and when some times works it's unplayable(from 200 fps to 1fps)
This week is the last Race on ESL for me.
Then I will have a look for X30 (Y).
But I don´t know what changes InSim got with the new Version.
Works with X31 here.
Don´t testet it with X30.

The new BMW is not supportet yet.
Mine's works perfectly... EVEN with FBM.
How do I Uninstall it ? because the new patches after FBM entry, are messing up with my gauges, and since there's no updating on AnaGauges, i'd like to take it off... wich i tried by deleting the files and couldn't... it doesn't show, but started to show some red message about some effect not loading... and my FF wheel stays as rock solid to turn it... even inside the car, where the FFB should be working. Don't know if this message has anything to do with AnaGauges, but it started after the patches and after i tried to remove it.
Just delete or rename the d3d8.dll in your LFS folder. And only this one.
Then LFS will use the original d3d8.dll in your windows folder.

No need to delete the Gauges folder.
hi were
Quote from riskredruM :Just delete or rename the d3d8.dll in your LFS folder. And only this one.
Then LFS will use the original d3d8.dll in your windows folder.

No need to delete the Gauges folder.

em hi were do i put the gauges data/???
GOt it to work, sorry for not replying to my last post . THe guages wont overlap even with the extra thing you put and said download blab blha.
Quote from AERO95 :Hi !

I would have a little problem .

I would like , that the needle circled with the red to stand on space .

Can you upload those gauges, i like them
Quote from Dudles :Not quite... the distance between the 0 and the 10, isn't the same as the distance between the 10 and 20, 20 and 30, and so on... understand me ? dunno how do I fix it without messing with graphics to make the distance be the same...

P.S.: Can you teach me how to measure angles with Photoshop ? somebody here said that it's possible but i can't find how... because if i change the graphics, it will no more be at 0º and 180º

No... that's a font a member here done ( don't remember his nickname ). He done S2000 Digits too... but @ S2000 he did only numbers and it's really small... so it didn't worked because it should have "N" and "R" too... i'd like to know how do we do these fonts... and i'll do one myself of S2000...

sorry for my bad english...

were the hell do i put the gauges which folder
Hi, is it possible to have only a digital Gauges?
Quote from Steyen :I can't open the rar. are you sure that is all correct? please try to open the rar file.


Get An Extractor Like 7zip. Just search it up on google.

How Do You Move The Gauges Up?

Quote from Jordeeman :Get An Extractor Like 7zip. Just search it up on google.

How Do You Move The Gauges Up?


Thank you very much is it all ok now!

Yuo ca move it by CTRL+UP,DOWN,LEFT,RIGHT
Thanks A Million.
just wanna know something.......can i still run CSR while i have this program running at the same time?
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OMG this is nice

Why haven't i seen this thread before... I found out about it just one day ago. But i'm blown away by it's wickedness :P
This is serious fun man, I photoshopped whole day long to make something beautiful (guess 12 hours into it now, but still not totally finished). Had to figure some things out like the alpha channel etc, but all works perfectly now and actually It's all pretty straight-forward, but little details take forever as always.

I'll try to post my stuff tomorrow (if it's finished)

Heads up for the creator of this tool!
ish not working
i copied the gauges into data folder.]
replaced D3d8.dll in window/system and typed insim 29999 but it still doesnt work

Using patch Y and about to go to Y24


you do not replace it in windows folder, you just place it into LFS folder...
Tacho Gauge
Quote from RotaHeaven :yo does any1 got a RPM tacho gauge?

either this 1: ... t_1_Shift_Light_Tacho.jpg

or: ... onster%20tacho%204990.jpg

or something simular to these things

I Kinda like the big one, but no one has these in graphical working form, we need to make them ourselves!

I could make that one without much trouble, but it takes time you know and I ain't being paid :P.

The big Shiftlight will work correctly and the internal fuel gauge should work.

I recently made something up by myself, just to check out what's possible with this program. I tend to prefer fictional stuff, no known brands etc. This is where u can let your mind go crazy on ideas :P

To give an idea on time, I spent about 40 hours on this one, but that's probably because I had to figure things out first. This is my very first gauge ever and also my first graphics seen in motion. Very satisfiing, i can watch the thing move whole day long
Learned a lot on this project. Pure Photoshop only, not that vector designs are not my thing, but I have lots of experience with PS.

It's nearly finished, I still need to change the gear-dial but the supplied one doesn't look that bad. It's just that everything should be made from scratch anyway.

I primarily made this dial for the XRR, don't know why actually. Maybe because it utilizes amost every aspect of the dashboard. This makes the dash suitable for the FXR too since it's basically the same. A 300KM/H Speedo coupled with 9000RPM Tacho, Turbo and Fuel gauge included. Working LED's etc.

I have to admit it's not very likely to have such a dash in a GTR car, but i do not give a shit :P

Anyway, since this is the first one it can't be the last one. So who knows what comes next ... LFS/GAUGE/CUSTOMGAUGE.jpg
@ Riskredrum

While assambling my gauge I figured it would be cool to have an additional TOP layer. It would be nice to cover the whole thing up with a transparant alpha layer to generate the idea of glass covers on top of gauges. This makes it also possible to create shadow on top of needles and to abscure parts of a needle. Say, when stationary the needle is behind a little cover and pops out from underneath.
This would make it also possible to place the gear-dial somewhere else instead of placing it behind a Gauge (tacho by default)

You would really make my day by adding this top-layer. Or did i miss something and this is already possible? or maybe it's just not possible at all? Code is not my thing, but i recon DX8 should be able to do this right?

Let me know, god bless ya
Sorry for OT,but your gauges RULZ Re5pect

Analog Gauges v 1.0
(211 posts, started )