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Analog Gauges v 1.0
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Quote from kodyro :Sorry for OT,but your gauges RULZ Re5pect


Such comments are always welcome
Nice one brutalyst, .
I m glad to see some clean set.
One advice, you may try to put some transparency on some areas, to give it a cleaner look...

About the requests you made (improvement of this addon), I have some also, it could be interesting to have:

-Tach-bar support, for motec-like gauges.
-Digital values for turbo, fuel for now with tach/speedo, which can display digital & analogic.
-Needles travels on 2 scale.
-A way to implement the other bits from the game's HUD (E-brake, hazard lights, etc..etc...).

It's able to look like this by disabling the background

In the way i use it i don't need transparancy: ... FS/GAUGE/CUSTOMGAUGE2.jpg

But sure, i could always make some different types of transparancy. Also different color-themes could be nice. Won't take too much time.

The Digital tacho bar etc. stuff should be included indeed. Basically every car could have it's own dash in the right style. That's awesome.

I also have this idea to make one with a fullscreen background and make it look like the earlier games like Papyrus Nascar Racing. Just one big texture with dials, lights and buttons all over the place. Always liked that for it's detail.

As you can see, i do not give a lot about trasparancy. But that's because i used to play from default cockpit view with wheel, hands and everything. Basically you can't see a damn thing compared to the open view with dials at the bottom. But i can imagine why some prefer to have more discrete dials.
@Brutalyst Where can i get this gauges? They look very good
they seem not to work with Z patch... a shame... cause rtiskedrum seems to have abandoned the project...
Quote from 1303s_vortech :Still work fine here.

yeah... they are working fine for me now... but i just turned them off to enjoy a little of the graphics improovements of the Z patch...
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Sorry for OT
BruTaLysT your gauges look great
Where can I get this gauges?
Nice gauges really like them. Would love to have porsche ones for the fz5
BruTaLysT those gauges look great!

Has anyone made Ford RS500 Gauges for the XRT? It would look great!
hi guys.

i've just worked out how to work with TGA files. now my problem is getting the needle to sit in the middle of the tacho, and for it to rotate properly.

the guide says you have to update:


but there isnt this option in the cfg. any help please? i only want this tacho to work
I can't get work this program. I did right that what was said in instructions. I'm on LFS version Z, using XP, no other programs running in LFS background. Just can't get it work. Any ideas?
Hello! I've installed this great addon (thanks a lot!) but i have a problem i dont know how to resolve.

I may not be a hardcore simulator player but i drive with the front wheels view. Not the cockpit one, just the one where you can see the front wheels.

And as you may know, those LFS gauges are there and i do not know how to turn them off because puting these new gauges over the LFS ones is not that cool and i wonder:

Is there a way to cancel/hide/delete/turn off the LFS Gauges?

Excuse me for the poor language.
Wow thanks mate! You're a real saver!

Altough naming the gauges "clocks" is kinda confusing... For me atleast.

Anyway ty a LOT!!!
Quote from BruTaLysT :I Kinda like the big one, but no one has these in graphical working form, we need to make them ourselves!

I could make that one without much trouble, but it takes time you know and I ain't being paid :P.

The big Shiftlight will work correctly and the internal fuel gauge should work.

I recently made something up by myself, just to check out what's possible with this program. I tend to prefer fictional stuff, no known brands etc. This is where u can let your mind go crazy on ideas :P

To give an idea on time, I spent about 40 hours on this one, but that's probably because I had to figure things out first. This is my very first gauge ever and also my first graphics seen in motion. Very satisfiing, i can watch the thing move whole day long
Learned a lot on this project. Pure Photoshop only, not that vector designs are not my thing, but I have lots of experience with PS.

It's nearly finished, I still need to change the gear-dial but the supplied one doesn't look that bad. It's just that everything should be made from scratch anyway.

I primarily made this dial for the XRR, don't know why actually. Maybe because it utilizes amost every aspect of the dashboard. This makes the dash suitable for the FXR too since it's basically the same. A 300KM/H Speedo coupled with 9000RPM Tacho, Turbo and Fuel gauge included. Working LED's etc.

I have to admit it's not very likely to have such a dash in a GTR car, but i do not give a shit :P

Anyway, since this is the first one it can't be the last one. So who knows what comes next ... LFS/GAUGE/CUSTOMGAUGE.jpg

looks very nice man good job. i like it. sucky thing is that im only demo so i cant race in fxr, xrr and so on.

but good job anyways.
I have some questions
1. I set the program and understood what the pictures should be made not show my mileage and can be safe.
2. Not to change LFS.exe with insim = 29,999
3. Where should I put the finished work if I patch X
Did the Gauges work in Demo Test Patch 10 Z ???
Quote from AudiBG :nobody know ?

es it least i use it in Patch Z10 and it wortks just fine.
It works on demo aswell...
Btw, Hey Dudles, been a long time.
I can't get it done guys. Can somebody pls help me. I wrote /insim=2999 I took the d3d8.dll out of the qrchive I type in /insim=2999 but no gauges ..... HELP!!!!!
Quote from 1303s_vortech :It works on demo aswell...
Btw, Hey Dudles, been a long time.

hehehehe... ned make more gauges so i can renew my set :laola:
Quote from knechter90 :I can't get it done guys (...) I wrote /insim=2999

Try with 29999.

@dudles: missing time to concentrate to finish the ones I started...
Finally got them to work thnx

Analog Gauges v 1.0
(211 posts, started )