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Yea, shortcuts but...

Can "Output lap data" and "Test drive" be in the same axe with "Options", "Replay" and "Resume"?

Quote from Jison :I drive in custom view, see screenshot, and im kinda uneasy about this 'forced cockpit view'... As you can see my view is still a cockpit view, i have only raised the seat a bit to see better. And now im not going to be welcome on some servers? Anybody really think my view is unrealistic enough to sort of 'ban' me? Atleast let people raise or lower their eyes/seats please.

I dont like this, I dont like it one bit!

What POV and how many ticks higher is that point of view? That looks pleasing!

How's it look in 2 seaters?

Quote from Mike85 :Why is no one complaining that there are no new exciting and needed features in a new patch? Only little fixes. The cockpit view is a small feature in my book (not much coding to do it). I know this is the start of the new patch, so we should get more content in Y. Looking forward to the enhanced AI, but I predict it will be too hardware demanding. But we'll see how it goes.

Because we understand that little things need adding/fixing at this stage, rather than just ploughing on with big stuff badly.

Also, the AI is unlikely to make much difference to processor load - the majority of the load comes from LFS having to do so many local physics calculations (i.e. for every car). This won't change much with the AI (although a physics change like the addition of brake heat/wear might add to the load).
Quote from cvearl :What POV and how many ticks higher is that point of view? That looks pleasing!

How's it look in 2 seaters?


Im lazy - did a screenshot for you...
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Quote from Not Sure :hooray for more realism

also plz allow any view provided it stays inside the cockpit. LFS has super configurable viewport, why not use it

yeah, chase cam is just wrong, sorry

Are you sure?
Quote from eRaptor :Are you sure?

Not as wrong as those fake plastic boobies in your avatar.
Quote from JasonJ :I like how objects respawn really quickly in X10.

Here's some fuel for the debatees. You say you can't look back in chase view? Well look no more----

Look-back-hack-view for LFS chase view:

I have "V" and "Shift-V" assigned to my "Controller-Pad" so I can look back.

I enjoy games in Chase View. Never liked/enjoyed in-car so I don't use it.

Thats a good idea. Brings back the good old SCGT feeling
Quote from Lotesdelere :Yes, same here
Not only better FPS but the whole thing is smoother than before, which is good.

Seriously I don't understand why it bother you so much as long as YOU can use the options YOU want.
You will never join a cruising server and the cruisers will never try to win Masters of Endurance but both drivers can enjoy LFS as well, just in a different way.
Notice that no one complained when the false starts were introduced. There were some little discussions about clutch and handbrake, but no one said that the false starts are a bad idea. The problem with the view is that it's related to the feeling and feedback you get from the game AND it's directly related to the hardware you have. Obviously, the people who are using two or three 19"+ monitors are not playing the same game as the people who are using a 15" single monitor. Well, it's the same game but you know what I mean :P

You got the point

Yes, they are aiming at making a simulation. But this is not incompatible with different ways of using it and with a good business strategy. To me the serious of the sim is about physics first. And I guess that's why we ALL enjoy LFS, hardcore racers or not. Damages, tyres, aerodynamics are examples of the next things to be improved.
The fact that LFS has good feedback and is already used, even as a show, by some famous racing teams, by some famous racers and by manufacturers like Force Dynamics and Frex already proves the serious of the simulation even if it's still in an alpha stage.

From a business point of view there is no point ending up with about 300 maybe 400 hardcore racers who have paid for the game three years ago and who are waiting for a release without giving money anymore. Any further update or version will even be more expensive for each one.
Being quite older than the lot of you, I have run several business in my life and I'm still running one. And believe me or not, bankruptcy can come quicker than you think and all of a sudden. A permanent cash flow is required. If you loose a large part of your customers and/or restrict the customers you have to a specific category, then problems will occur sooner or later in any business.

Yes, of course!

I too own my own business and as you well know its smart business to cater to your core customer base, that said you also dont want to alienate new customers in the process.

What this patch is doing is giving server owners the tools to run there servers they way they see fit, its not taking away Scaviers customers rights or enjoyment that decision is totally in the hands of the end user..
Quote from Scawen :
- Moved cones and physics objects are restored more quickly

more fun on multiplayer!!!
when i try and connect to a server i have hosted on x10 dedi with lfs x10 it says "host has different game code"
Funny how when the changes to car resets were introduced some people were complaining about it and how it should have at least been an option. Now the force cockpit is introduced as an option and people are again complaining.
I'll bet when a better damage model is made people are going to complain as well.
Can we have an option for people to not complain?
Hope this bug wasn't already posted (searched the thread but didn't find anything), but entering values with the German decimal point "," is not possible in the new interface scaling/positioning input fields.
Originally Posted by eRaptor
Are you sure?

-> errr... Look at his name.... [/sarcasm]

Quote from thisnameistaken :Not as wrong as those fake plastic boobies in your avatar.

Yeah! right! Like if it doesn't turn you on...
By using the 'chase car' view, I can see when the rear tyres slide away, I can correct then and keep on track. I see exactly where my 2 tyres go over the curbs, perhaps I can get some closer. I see exactly what driving line my car follows, in cockpit view I don't. Perhaps it is cause I haven't drove in a real car yet, however I strongly disagree on making this view forced.


here is a perfect way to describe the reason this option was made... The people who already use cockpit view, have to deal with it, and don't complain. I personaly like cockpit view a lot, and don't have the problems you listed simply because I am RL licenced driver. now, when I drive inLFS with chase view, it feels like I'm outright cheating So ,I say, I "Get you" but I learned to cope with it, it's not that hard.

PS: this is just like the shifter on a sequeantial box, pull to upshift, push forward to downshift... it just plain feels wierd to drive like that at first, but people get used to it, and end up being faster.

My problem is that LFS in dedicated host and LFS on hosting mode don't send the same things about username in the user connection insim packet. In fact:

When i run demo server on dedicated host:
- Username are empty in the insim packet for demo and licenced racer who connect to server.

If i host a game on my LFS ( not dedi ):
- Username is correct for licensed user in the insim packet.
- Username is empty for demo racer in the insim packet

Why this difference? the best thing it's to do a choice and i think the best way is to send username for licensed user, and empty for demo racer in dedi and lfs.

Best Reguards

does this version go any faster?
Quote from iphuc :does this version go any faster?

Congrats on bumping a really old thread.
bumped much?
I don't think it should.. I seem to recall having more fps in patch X, but now in the current test patch Y14, it has the same if not more than I had with patch x.
This thread was from last year man... what's with the bump?
I would assume since there Patch X servers are still allowed on the master, and that he is demo he probably doesn't want to upgrade to patch Y... As for the bump, I can't explain anything for him there.
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S2 Patch X10
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