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Quote from BastianB :
maybe someone should present you some of this funny overalls with the sleeves on the back

im not trying to flame anyone,
as already said i respect his opinion but i dont understand why he got to tell it the whole forum..
Quote from jibber :Idiot.

thx ly2
Everyone has the right to tell their opinion/thoughts. If you can't deal with his, why not put him on your ignore list?

And your remark about the jacket was just uncalled for. Hence my comment.
Quote from jibber :Everyone has the right to tell their opinion/thoughts. If you can't deal with his, why not put him on your ignore list?

And your remark about the jacket was just uncalled for. Hence my comment.

Sure everyone has their own thoughts and opinions, however I would strongly suggest not telling the whole forum that you are a racist right after revealing a picture of yourself. :flamed:
what i said was clear you took it out of context,im honest i believe none is to put frontiers and the world should mix up cause its natural, even though variable clima will keep variety of people

but the media has worked on my and now i have to fight what the media has implanted on me

when i was a child there was no hate on me towards any race and i daydream to become a superhero and end southafrika apartheid

do you know how strong is the media on telling us that saxons(colonize our islands) and afrikans are invading our country

so now imstead of being how i was naturally born with no hate i have to fight my own hate

racism is wrong i honestly believe that and i have to fight the litle one theres on me which is very wrong though is not my fault but medias

i believe you got anoyed with my saying i dont like saxons so you called me crazy, which is quite phony since would have been better to adrees the harming point(in fact ive noticed most british are the ones who bash me the most in this forum which is not helping me)


since youre saxon i apologize for my saying im racist with saxons, my intention was in fact seed antiracism evoking people racism works both ways and theres no superior race since every race is hated
It's just getting worse and worse.
And I thought you said you never went off topic lerts.
well a picture of me without telling whats inside makes no sense

i dont go ot, i let the conversation naturally evolve
Fear not Lerts, I am far too confused by what you are saying to be offended by any of it.
i lol´d
just post some faces! NAO!
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Quote from lerts :though is not my fault but medias

lerts for 200
blaming some nebulous conspiracy for your own failings as a human being is sign of what type of insanity?
(lerts) DELETED by lerts
Lerts, don't be afraid. I admire you for your great fantasy and imagination. I often wonder how on earth you find your theories. Your threads and discussions are an interesting read. Things get a bit too silly sometimes, but overall it's not too bad. Keep thinking of revolutionary theories, whether they're wrong or not. That's for others to correct

[/love letter] o_O
i think media can manipulate people into racism, take 40s germany

you should have studied that and not call me insane for pointing out this view
For the love of Christ Lerts, you need to learn to take things a little less serious around the whole forum idea, people act different and say things to better themselfs but it doesn't mean it's real!

Why do you care what others say? Do you feel you need to defend yourself?

Turn your nose up to idiots who attack on a personal level and the rest is pure spam.

TBH I'm not surprised you are getting this reaction...I mean come on! look at the way you treat this forum with at the best of time off topic madness. Although sometimes funny your attitude is one of greed and dis concern for the peace of this community and as of late the angry undertones in your posts will only attract flaming.

Get with the program Lerts

Theres a lot of shite in here mod's - pretty pweeese clean...
Problem is, everyone is happy with the way the system works, so why change it? Who cares if media changes what I think, as long as I don't notice I really couldn't care less.

Why make trouble about it, all it sounds like to me is a lonely guy who needs attention and must seek it with the craziest ideas so people can't keep themselves from looking at it.

That's my point of view on all of the "lerts" stuff, I couldn't care less about any of it, I live my life, if the world goes to poo somewhere else, I only care about myself. Just like everyone else does, if you think you care about other people, you don't, humans are selfish and it's the only way to survive. I'm happy, so why would I question how the world goes 'round?
I got three very Random ones!

EDIT: 4! :o)
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yes i never learn, i regret it every time i post even this, must be some adiction

now plz dont discuss me any more

are you all kids or what?
Quote from Kaw :I got three very Random ones!

EDIT: 4! :o)

Ya' big chav.
Quote from Kaw :I got three very Random ones!

OMG, it's Kasper Kahn.
(You have been warned....)
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OH MY GOD dandruff.


Ignore my pissed off look. Not been a good past few days. Taken just a few minutes ago with my crappy webcam!
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