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That desk was too solid. :sorry:
scary shit, give that man his skin back lerts!!

just joking you actually really look "normal" lol
So your a grown ass man, cut the shit!
yep you convinced me, im sure most people imagined me differetn

actually im not crazy either, everybody thinks weird things the diference is i dare to tell them
Quote from Bose321 :Are u charging ur lazor beem? i see ur eyes are red.

Yup, right after taking the pic, I lazor beem'd the guy who was driving.
It was great fun!
And I thought lerts is a kid. Well, I was wrong.
Quote from AMB :Nice, good job for posting it

Least you got the balls to post it

Why should it be anything wrong about it, or why should he be affraight of that?

Either way, looks like, well nothing unusally I would say, like the chap down the streed, the buddy or whatever, ordinary is what people want to hear.
I didn't mean it in that way but after he has been treated i'd understand if he didn't want to post it.
Balls of steel!
Eat shit and Die.
He looks normal from the front, but he refuses to show his back... hmmm

there´s a second face,
harry potter style ya know
WOW. Lerts is some middle aged guy. STOP TROLLING FORUMS DAMMIT.

Something is wrong with you, no offense. :hide:
i can afford to tell waht i really think cause im a good person and have nothing to hide

people is free to think what they want, maybe not in the future, but they dont dare to say what they trully think, just take racism, myself im racist i partiuclarly hate saxons but i know its wrong and fight it thinking on saxon kids, so if even myself being so good im racist what will be somone who feels good making others feel bad, nowadays nobody is racist or people dont tell what they think

so i believe god is good which can only imply so much evil is staged,so what mine is reasonable and logical thinking acceptiing as a fact a good god, so for being original in my faith im delusional while those who believe in virgin conception are not delusional

whats more sane blieving in a psicho god or believing if god exists by definition he must be good which dont fit this world so this world is a fake, think i have no personal proof of something really evil which would proof to me the non existance of god only the news and how do i know they are not lying
You may look normal, but what you are saying is so not right.
well at least wouldnt you wish that waht i said was the truth?maybe is one in a million but yet posible, and thats the posibilty of being true i give it, but i insist is something posible and desirable
Some things are just better off kept quiet.
Quote from Gills4life :Some things are just better off kept quiet.

you look quite normal but in your head defenetly is something wrong.
i except you have your own opinion, but if i where you i wouldn´t tell it to the whole world..

maybe someone should present you some of this funny overalls with the sleeves on the back
i dont think is fair to judge a person on how crazy he is, the only fair judgement you can do on a person is weather he is good or bad

i admit im a little crazy but that doesnt make me a worse person and much less give others the right to attack me

in fact you could consider i have a disease which makes attacks for this reason quite mean

just point me to a coment made by me where i tried to hurt others, on the other hand notice how many coments are made on me intending to make me feel bad, just scroll up

thats human nature, marquis of sade put it quite well writting on how many people get high on the tears of others
I also think, or likes to think that most people actually are pretty nice lads in real life, but on forums they tend to turn out to be complete ****s. Hell, maybe I even would date Tristan in real life, who knows, but we have our disagreements on the forum. That doesn't make him or me bad persons, but we might be ****s on forum. (yes I points both ways, so it hits me too).

And the same to you Lerts, maybe people in real life wouldn't mind, and possible would think of you as a orginal and fresh thinking person, but on forum it's much easier, and of course a lot more fun, to join the flametrain and shout and scream like KKK would do back in good ol' days.

So, the first thing, don't get personal invovled in forums, since people don't care about eachothers over internet, the more they can cause shit, harm and sad mood, the better they will feel, hell, I guess some people, or many, sits home and laugh when they manage to make a big fuzz either over a game or on a forum.

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