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look at me im evil
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No wonder you can't get a girlfriend, looking like that
On the serious side yes the hat is because my sis cut my hair, and she ruined it now my hair is okay.

I think il post a pic with the hat of soon .
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My previous statement still stands!

I'm joking of course.
Love you really, I must send you a friend request!
hi gurlz
I cant focus on your pic because your avatar is just hilarious..
Quote from logitekg25 :(my phone takes bad pictures of me :schwitz

That happens to me too, even my fathers DSLR takes bad pictures of me.

Far right --->
the one that is so baked its not even funny
NYE fun;

People lets NOT reply on the horrific pictures above.
People are scared of things they dont understand
Lol, seems like you had a great evening at least?
Btw - the red ear thin, care to englight me what they are for? I am totally n00b when it comes to race parties and such, is that how people dress or what?
they're kitty ears
just rave fashion

though it caused me and my mate to be spat on in the city the morning after -.-

and this is why i don't dress like that in public lol
Time to make a mockery of myself.

Some pics from new years that I do not remember being taken. Nor do I remember where I was. You can probably tell from the photos, TVE is a poor influence on us kids.

I am assuming this first pic is from just after the countdown, as I vaguely recall a lot of party poppers.

Yep, can't remember this one at all.

Om nomming a sandwhich. Cheese and tomato I believe.

This is pretty much the most normal pic I could find. Good lord I come out bad on camera! :eek:
I like your hair.
mullets will take over in 2010

Post Your Face:)
(5148 posts, started )