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Quote from hrtburnout :Find Erik

It's the RIGHT one! I could recognize the pedo face under u black visor.
Quote from scipy :It's the RIGHT one! I could recognize the pedo face under u black visor.

Heh, and there's me thinking it was the old man, guess both are suitable
post your face they said, it will be fun they said
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No mirror shot with duckface? :sadbanana
If someone tells you 3 weeks are not enough to lose your mind - they lie. 9 more left. Currently dropped the soap only once, but I put on my underwear and picked it up. Stuff is going better than expected.

Got one weekend off, heading back to military camp in 10 hours.
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Haha, brilliant!
So how does it threat you, the military? Enough buttsex for you or is it generally O.K?
Well, in Thursday we took an oath in front of the president of Lithuania and all the highest commanders of Lithuanian Armed Forces. So naturally, the week before the ceremony was just sergeants making sweet love to us.

Well in general, it's pretty good, 3 weeks weren't long enough for majority of soldiers to become gay, still no rape going on, just the lack of sleep, lack of food, too much studying and sore throat is killing me. And we have one bastard who always farts when we line up. Still didn't pinpoint the sucker. It just stopped being funny after a week.

Edit: And another photo, with a look of confusion, sadness, hunger and disapproval. I'm not really photogenic.
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Haha brilliant, keep me updated how it goes
Quote from The Very End :Haha brilliant, keep me updated how it goes

I'm writing a diary over there, so if I won't be lazy, I might translate it when I finish basic in the end of January. I'm heading back there in an hour or two, so no me till Christmas again.

I can supply you with some quotes of one of our sergeants:

The one, who's sleeping is a faggot.
Oh kitten, come over here and do some physical training.
Today you have became real soldiers and now you are f**ked.
Is your ass a flower?
What the f**k are you looking at? I will spit on your face, then you'll see. You can complain to a Captain, but I still don't know how you will manage to live on with such a shame.
If you laugh, I punch you in the snout.
I can perform Heimlich maneouvre with a boot into your chest.
You can apologise to a girl if you can't get it up, but the military is not a place for apologies. Lie down, 44. Next week it's going to be 55.
Ooooh sergeant sir, someone has pooped into my socks, it's uncomfortable to walk now!
If you do some cock to me, I'll do a whole farm back!

A funny guy. F**k him. There's of course more, but he emits so much awesomeness, that I can't remember it all. He is also a bit mentally retarded, a beast physically and is very well trained, and can sneak into a room without any sound at night, check if we are texting girls instead of sleeping, pull us out of beds and make us do pushups. He once took two buckets of water, dumped them into one room, and when the soldiers came back, he lied, that the heater has exploded. Also he constantly makes us take our stools, arrange them in a way like we're sitting in a bus and sit there quietly and not move, because we're riding a bus.
Hahaha! Briliant! Officers in Norway now does seldom shout, due to new stupid rules. I had hoped they screamed more :-P
Well, not all officers often shout at us. Some of them are just calm and lazy, one guy just laughs at our mistakes and does nothing, some are angry and shout (but they suck, pure yelling and nothing funny), and there are two insane guys, those are the best. Loud obscenities, dirty jokes before sleep and random punching soldiers. Funny.
If possible try to get some filming done, allways fun to see how other's military life is compared to over here
Quote from The Very End :If possible try to get some filming done, allways fun to see how other's military life is compared to over here

Liar! It's pure military espionage you're interested in!
Because you think anyone with their right minds would let TVE be a spy?
Well, the only country which would do that got to be middle east ones or whatever unicorn country Racer X Y is from
Took a picture from the revenge of the funnies.

And did this to it.
Why post it in this thread? you'll see.
A couple from the ravers reunited pre-party our room in the travelodge on saturday night, whole setup, CDJ's amp, mixer, mic, couple of DJ's couple of MC's, we also had a bottle of tequila, 2 bottles of jaegermeister, 1 bottle of apple vodka, 1 bottle of jack daniels honey bourban, 50 vodka jellies, oh, and 4 crates of beer, we were all smashed before we even got to the rave haha
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maybe if you kept your shirt on, you wouldn't have to miss the action in the first picture.

even though I'm unaware of the gender of the specimens in that picture.
Dat moustache.
Nice mustage ;D
Who's the girl in picture one? (the one with less cloths on)
i actually kinda like it.

Quote from The Very End :Nice mustage ;D
Who's the girl in picture one? (the one with less cloths on)

Thats amanda, then next to her is kelly (we call her skittles, its to do with all the colours in her dreads, she's cool, we are kinda seeing eachother ) then the other girl i dont know, then me, and yes, i hate the mostache, but its fro movember, luckily it will soon be time to get rid of it!

And i know about the shirt thing, i dont look good shirtless, but its bloody hot with about 15 people in one hotel room, with the sound setup giving off heat etc, plus i was MC'ing for ages as well, it gets very warm.
This was me quite some years ago, try to guess what year..
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2010? you've gained some weight
Yo! This is moi. Sorry about the 8tracks stuff in the way. I can't access facebook to show more recent photos. This was taken about 5 months ago. This is me with my chatterbox 3 class (Who have now left the school . I loved those kids.) This is a genius thread. Nice to see some of you guys. Makes the whole experience more human, right?

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