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i still dont know if thats a girl or a guy and its been a few years now. pls do explain !
ok, you lost quite a lot, especially on the arms, congrats. But all that kajal and those toe hooks ain't doing you face a favor, imo. With it you look pretty young and/or female.
or simply a faggot...
I'm comfortable with my sexuality, clearly you aren't

And my girlfriend, whom i live with, will attest to the fact i am definitely not gay.
no one said you are gay, you just look like one with your stupid style
Gay men usually look after their appearance a lot more than he does. He looks like he can't afford soap.
these cavemen are flaming klutch because he has a life outside of the internet or... some of u guys have been getting abused by ur fathers.
I have a life outside this shithole, haven't been abused either.

for u qeD <3

Just hangin' around with some danish amateurs
I love your right eye <3
Creepy stuff going on here...
Quote from jibber :Creepy stuff going on here...

For some Oktoberfest never ends...
in all honesty, i'd still wreck dat ass

Post Your Face:)
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