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hittin zee clubs tonight

down half a bottle of vodka before ive even lefttttttttt

Looking through some old pictures, I must say my style have changed since I finished school

Pic 1 is two years ago. The other one is quite new :P
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thats called faggin' out !
Quote from Klutch :hittin zee clubs tonight

down half a bottle of vodka before ive even lefttttttttt

i feel like you look like him:

EDIT: thats the longest haired picture i could find to compare with.
for me this clicked in

Me in the centre. IDS Final at the Nürburgring. (European Drift Championship)

well, australia day went well

Got into a fight, got given speed, and a few free lines of MDMA powder.
6am just got home and chewing my face off and cant sleep haha
on the plus side...feel soo good =D
Quote from Fuse5 :you guys have cooler rifles than we have : (

Yup, the G is pretty much awesome.

TVE - Well in those 3 months I experienced so much. Sometimes it was boring, sometimes it was interesting, sometimes I wanted to go home, sometimes I didn't want to do anything else, sometimes it was cold, sometimes I was depressed, but spending those 12 weeks in the military was probably the best decision of my life. I found out so much about myself. Unfortunately I understood how much I value freedom and how short youth years are and I just don't know now. I can't decide whether should I accept the offer, sign the contract, watch those damn airplanes, study in my free time and start my life and hopefully a successful carreer, or should I drop everything, pack a bag and leave to explore the world, while I still have enough stupidity to do it, and then MAYBE get serious a couple of years after. I like being in the military, but I just want to see as much as possible.

And I'm dissapointed with the amount of idiots in the military
Didn't even realise this was snapped saturday night
How long does that phase lasts? Are those outfits like your every day wear?
Quote from Boris Lozac :How long does that phase lasts? Are those outfits like your every day wear?

My everyday clothes have a bit of an alternative "flare", generally the wristbands, black fingernails etc

But the eyeliner, kitty ears, gasmasks, the more gothic/emo looking stuff is only worn when im out partying/raving/clubbing
Oh the funny faces when the idiot behind the camera cannot figure out how to take a picture.
Quote from dekojester :Because I can....took this last Sunday at work...unfortunately my arms aren't long enough to really see my working area, and I cba to see if my iPad camera has a timer feature.

Yes, master control at a tv station is usually dark

sorry deko, you just seem to resemble this guy a bit
And how does the other half look?
Is that your mugshot or something?
Quote from hazaky :Like it usually does.

Hmm, I don't trust you. Prove it! Who knows, maybe you have a huge scar on that other side.
hazaky, Fixed it for you, I know, now that the electricity went on a free market the electricity costs a lot in Estonia, so you can't afford to light up your whole face.

Votes on getting my nose piercred for lulz tomorrow?


Post Your Face:)
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