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Dennis, if you go any further you'll touch your brain.. then you'll be even dumber!

DaveO anyone?
Who the hell is DaveO.
I mean Steve-O, sry
Oh no, did you do that before you bought me ice cream?

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On the other hand, Dennis.... Dennis.. <3<3<3<3
denis wtf
I'm in a pretty great shape despite I turned 52 not so long ago.
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You're still hot for 52. Btw, is it Christmas in Hungary?
Quote from Bose321 :Not so long ango is like a few hours or days, not ~2 months.

When you got high last time? Seems like not so long ago.

What is the story behind the picture?
Who with their right minds would let you be in a COCKpit? (I love that word) ;D
Quote from Sobis :Sure you do, Tor, sure you do....

Oh come on, we all know that LFSForum is one huge COCKpit with sexual frustated oldies and basement virgins fighting for forum dominance.
Jack is practicing for the invasion of North Korea. He is their star pilot. They felt because he drives an old persons car, he would be cautious enough not to crash their only plane.
Holy shit, I'm creepy as f**k.

Not drinking for a while.
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Quote from KiRmelius :Holy shit, I'm creepy as f**k.

Not drinking for a while.

That's the American spirit!
Neckbeardin' it up.

Nice tits.

Post Your Face:)
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