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Quote from Stefani24 :So if you don't have beer, you've got ladies?

Exactly. Also if I don't have ladies I have money.
Not so much my face, but my back.

I was going to see if the road ahead was passable. It was luckily. But the area around the house was knee deep. >.<

Me, fixing my wallet.

cheers =)

Getting ready for an event that'll boost trade for all the businesses in the area. The War Weekend. It is rather cheesy, but the tourists love it because it is full of nostalgia and the traders love it because ~16,000 people tend to have a lot of coin to spend.

My mad wicked drink making skills.
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My roommate drew this on his iPhone on the bus a couple months back... Pretty sexy guy, I am.
Damn Rayn, you sex son of a lady. I so want to sex you up right now . ;p
Sausage fest
Any computer game based forum with a "post a picture of yourself" thread :cookiemon
Dunno what kinda games you've been playing mate.
And again, me on my skates.

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Post Your Face:)
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