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Bespoke presets
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Quote from seany_boi_civic :thanks lol could some1 post a pic of the TE's in all white and CE's in all bronze and spoons in all gunmetal and gramlights in all chrome if thats possible if you could do that theres a cupcake for you haha thaanks sean

Why cupcake? Cookie is better
ur choice but can you mate? do them in them colors that is? pleeeaaasee
oh and my latest creation 5 spoke drift rims loosly based on work rims if you could post a pic of them to in gunmetal wiv a crome lip pleaase!

let me no what you think sean
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drift5's by sean!!.zip - 396 B - 344 views
They look alright to me. Not a lot different to the original XRT wheels.
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sean rims preview.jpg
they look good imo im liking that skin of yours too!
i can post up some pics of the rims, but the chrome has to be rendered
i got the pics now, will post em tomorrow damn they look good!
looking forward to the pics and thanks mate for posting that skin!
Again, pretty good.
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sean rims preview2.jpg
okey, here are the pics
(click on image to make it bigger)

Ya I got this thing working...

The rims give the car a whole new cool look .
i think the gunmetal ones needs some work, they have some gaps, but the ones i used on the apex skin are pure sex!
wooooh cheers for them pics mate they look the tits! i cant believe how well they turnd out i love the TE's! and please upload them skins!! now im guna get s2 2 b able to use them in game! sean
sorry mate, only skin that aint private or teamskin is the apex one i got one similar to the tanabe skin, ill PM u
This is my first try

Hope you like it
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nice mate but with a little change they could look like watanabe rims like on the AE86's! have a look for an image on the net an give them ago should'nt be too hard!
and another style...its a multispoke style rim not really based on any perticular kind i just made them as i went along imo they are quite good, would look good in bronze spokes with silver lip! and again if someone could post a screenie for others would be great!
thanks sean
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my design spoked - 395 B - 250 views
Here´s the screenie...
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Apart from the calipers in the way thats excellent.
that looks good but how do i fix the caliper problem?
Quote from seany_boi_civic :that looks good but how do i fix the caliper problem?

set the spokes for forward.

use the X axis to bring them forward
they need to go out a bit more. it's a shame we cant have deep dish yet.
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Bespoke presets
(368 posts, started )