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Quote from AstroBoy :Its ok people they are launching a inquiry as to what caused the fire inferno apparently the fire marshals didnt get there fast enough

Here's a different view that provides some insight in to the performance of the marshals. Everyone seemed to move reasonably quickly - but without being there, I'm not going to make judgement either way.

There's not necessarily anything wrong with having an inquiry though. As long as the goal is to make improvements for next time, rather than just being a finger pointing exercise.
The first thing I thought was "damn that fire team got there damn quickly!"

The only investigation going on should be to why that fuel cell popped so easily..
I think the marshall got there quickly, and they reacted rather quickly as well. But they should look at the fuel cell because it really shouldn't have bursted.
Quote from sil3ntwar :Everything about that video just seems wrong.

Seems like the Scooby is misfiring badly.
To me it sounded just that the driver was simply going on and off on the accelerator because it was really slippery. Dunno really what TypeRacing meant, but that car doesn't have a BOV. Pretty much all those WRC Subarus sound exactly like that when the driver is off throttle due to turbo chattering.

BTW that is one really poor special stage.
Gotta love the infamous "OI OI OI" guy.

Racing videos
(4781 posts, started )