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Car Sound Remixer soundsets - please post all in here
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Quote from deggis :DaveWS... you said "I can now give up on CSR" in the test patch thread, does that mean you ain't gonna update this pack anymore? Or was that just a flying comment That would maybe needed after patch V release, because the LFS car sound pitches has changed a lot...

I agree. I am a big fan of the CSR Remixer and i was sooo bummed when patch V came out cos i knew that CSR would make it sound all dodgey because the pitches where matched to U and stuff. Also some bugs lke when you went on any Exterior view in U it would cut off CSR completly which i thought was good, but now in V is does all the sounds regardless of what view you are in. I dunno what im saying but i strongly think you should keep going with CSR. T'is the best little mod ive ever downloaded for LFS
Ok, here is a update for the FXR. This has changed a lot with patch V, so I felt the need to adjust it so it would match properly again.

Extract to: Somewhere/CSR/User Files and overite the existing FXR.dat file
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FXR dat - 243 B - 3037 views
Please where can i download your soundpack DaweWs? filefront isn't running for me
anyone can upload to rapidshare or another server i cant download from filefront and :/

hey hey thanks daveWS a lot!
anyone have sr20det sound ??
thx Dave for the great sound pack!
A Fiesta ST Sound?
This thread hasnt had any new things for ages
Sorry for the bump, but could anybody make a XRT V8 engine, the defualt one is so dull...

Thanks, racer325

Could somebody please reupload jamesgp2viper soundsets pack? Or maybe there are some DaweWS sounset updates?
Well I got your soundset Dave, great stuff. One little issue I'm getting though is that I don't hear the tire squeal anymore? Any ideas why? It's the only reason I'm not using it right now heh.
Make sure the master volume in LFS is loud enough, and disable the engine sound in the shift+A menu. TBH I haven't used CSR for over a year now, as it was really just an experiment, but if it still works, great.
Bah, the sounds are brilliant. The BF1 one is a huge improvement from the default one. But I just can't hear it when I slide or when I'm about to... I turned off all engin sounds ingame and put the skid volume to the max in shift A and in the options but still nothing. I guess I'll have to stick to the default ones for now :P.

Thanks anyways.
Nice work out there, really makes my day , but my question is, why the sound not changeable when I am in the fixed track cameras, what I mean I hear the same volume level when the car approaching and after leaving the camera area, any suggestions?
It is not technically possoble to fix that. Outguage drives the CSR program and cannot monitor the distance from the camera to the focus car.


@evilpimp Does the sound still cut out when TC is turned off? I removed/renamed my TC sound files because the TC sounds was annoying.

I just renamed BF1_TC.wav to orig_BF1_TC.wav
Try doing that that if the sounds are ok when TC is turned off in game; "o" key
If you rename files, remember to restart CSR incase the sounds are cached.
Does anyone have a good SRT 10 Viper sound for xrt or fz5 with 10 silynder engine with tweak patch z? A sound-file that make the car sounds like Samuel Hubinette's Viper would be awesome!

Thansk for any help

Car Sound Remixer soundsets - please post all in here
(405 posts, started )