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RETRO CUP 2024 | Informations and discussions

Gentlemen, start your Engines!

RETRO CUP is back in 2024, and it's going to be the biggest, most spectacular and action packed season yet.

After experimenting with the Summer Series and Winter Series last year, this time this is going to be a proper, longer season, with 8 rounds in some of the most challenging tracks, racing a wide variety of Vintage cars in a Endurance-esque racing format!

12 cars in total to choose from: a new record, and the fun is guaranteed: from the powerful prototypes like McLarry and BETAF112 to the robust vintage GT cars!
You'll find the car that suits your driving style the best among this list!

The cars are divided in 4 classes: Prototypes, GT Super, Touring and Road Trophy.
Pick your favourite class, and you'll be able to compete for the title!

Championship races are 90 minutes long events, while the season finale is set to be 3 hours long, awarding double points!!

You'll find yourself immersed in the smell of gasoline and the sound of powerful, brutal engines in this 2 months long championship.
Between trees and bales, always on the verge between success and disaster, you'll be pushing flat-out for the title.

Are you up for this incredible challenge?


Racing on Mondays

8th JULY - Special EVENT (Rockingham Retro)


15 JULY - Round 1 (Westhill North RGE)
22 JULY - Round 2 (Blackwood Outskirts)
29 JULY - Round 3 (Fern Bay Retro)


12 AUGUST - Round 4 (Berlin Retro)
19 AUGUST - Round 5 (Aston Retro)
26 AUGUST - Round 6 (Kyoto Ring Maximum)


9 SEPTEMBER - SEASON FINALE (3 hours of Westhill de la Sarthe)


12 cars available for the championship, split in 4 classes!
A brand new record and a guarantee of fun and varied action on track: some cars have top speed strenghts, others are faster in the corners, others are a mix, so you'll have fun finding the car right for your racing style!



Beta11 F12



Cammera JGT (NEW!)

Plover P2200 (NEW!)




Acosta Startlin (NEW!)

Fraud 040


Cammera 730 Turbo

Piran Firefly 200

AM Phoenix (NEW!)


Along with a much bigger grid of cars, this edition of the Retro Cup will also bring another newelty factor in the racing format.

The race starts will be classic Le Mans style.

That means, the cars will be all aligned in line next to the S/F straight, and you'll have to start from that position.
An important factor, you'll have to be careful but also you could make up lots of position with a good get go from the line!
That adds another element of fun and unpredictability!

Or you could pull off a Jakie Ickx, taking your time to adjust your seatbelts in the car before get going, and still winning the race!


Each track will come with custom retro banners, historic accurate to the glorious era of Endurance Racing.
Also, every car comes with a set of retro liveries that you can find in the SKINPACK that you'll find in the race threads!

So you'll look cooler on track, and our photographs will be happier to take a shot of you during the races!

Every track is unique and the calendar offers a variety of brand new layouts made for the occasion, combined with modified traditional live for speed layouts.


NO SIGN-UP needed, the events are open!
  • PitStops are not mandatory

    The Races are 90 minutes long. Finale is 3 h long

    Classic Le Mans start of the race: the grid is set lined and oblique on the S/F.

    Rejoin after timing out is allowed, all the race laps actually completed will be added back in result

    Rejoin after crashing out the car is allowed, but you have to wait at least 30 seconds after you spectated.
    If not respected, 30 seconds penalty.

    Mid race join from people who didn't qualified, is not allowed

    Car change between Quali & Race not allowed. If happens, DSQ from results

    * YOU CAN change class from one race to another, but obviously it's not ideal if you want to compete for a good position in the standings.

    ** You MUST race with the car which you qualified. If not,then it's illegal equippment and driver earns serious penalties.
    1 minute penalty in the race results for the first offence, disqualification from the event at the second attempt, ban at third.

    *** Police configuration is forbidden in the Cammera Porsche.

    *YOU CAN race if you did not set a lap in quali only if you did some laps on the tracks earlier on and you don't cause any trouble.


Spoiler - click to reveal

We will not make a mile long rule book that noone will read completely anyway,so we will rely on common sence of competitors to behave and follow the basic Rules of Clean Racing. There will not be an admin in server who will specifically observe drivers' behaviour during the race,so any action will be made only after protest while all retirements will be investigated automatically. If any incidents reported/protested,we will take individual approach to each of them to decide best fair resolution or punishment if needed.

Basic guidelines as a reminder:
> Blue flag - you may not deny/block a passing manouvre of laping car and try a repass right after it. In qualification it means - stay off racing line and don't disturb drivers on hotlap.
> Shortcuts - 2 wheels on track at all times. Track is mostly marked by white lines,while also curbs count towards track. Overtaking outside track limits counts as illegal and will be penalized in case of a protest.
> Contacts - have to be avoided at all costs as always when racing open wheel cars,that includes also bumpdrafting.
> Pit exit - pit exit lines will have to be respected - drivers may not cross the pit exit line with more than 2 wheels and have to make way for cars racing at full speed. Failing to comply with this rule will award them with 10s penalty,while causing incidents will result in bigger penalty. Pit entry lines will not be monitored,they serve just as guidelines.
> Chatting - it's not completely outruled,but still drivers are expected to concentrate on racing. In case of too much chatting while ignoring messages asking to cease chatting,a penalty may be given. In case of any abusive/offensive language a penalty will be given! Any in server present observers/spectators are not allowed to chat at all during race session!
> Lags - if there are any connection issues,driver will be asked to improve (close internet using programs). If driver will be considered as dangerous due to unstable connection and high ping,he will not be allowed to participate at the current round.
> Hacks/cheats - if used,you will not race with us. Ever. As simple as that.

Possible penalties:
> WARNING - any minor infraction that needs to be noted without penalty. Warned driver might receive bigger penalty for other infractions.
> 10s added to finish time - minor infractions,like illegal passing,pit exit line violation,too much chatting.
> 30s added to finish time - medium infractions,like causing avoidable incident[s] without serious consequences,illegal passing.
> 60s added to finish time (1 lap penalty in rounds 2 and 3) - medium infractions,like causing avoidable incident[s] with consequences to other drivers (like damage,multiple position loss) or unsportsmanlike behaviour.
> Disqualification for 1 or more rounds - heavy infractions,multiple incidents,unsportsmanlike behaviour. After serving disqualification,driver will automatically carry a "warning" for the rest of season.
> Series exclusion (including ban for any other events run under Race Green Events control) - serious infractions like intentional/revenge wrecking,event sabotage and any other malicious act.


Event itself consists of a 60 minute qualifying session followed by a 90 minutes long race, so that the dynamics of endurance with the traffic, the strategies can come out in play!


Qualifying (60 min) || 17:00 UTC / 19:00 CET / 20:00 EET
Race (90 min) || 18:10 UTC / 20:10 CET / 21:10 EET

Season finale race is 3 hours long.


1st: 25 points
2nd: 18 points
3rd: 14 points
4th: 12 points
5th: 11 points
6th: 10 points
7th: 9 points
8th: 8 points
9th: 7 points
10th: 6 points
11th: 5 points
12th: 4 points
13:th: 3 points
14th: 2 points
15th: 1 points

Pole: 1 additional point
Fastest Race Lap: 1 additional point
Attendance in all rounds: 2 additional points

Double points for the final round.


There will be 4 different & separate standings for the championship, one for each category!

PROTOTYPE TROPHY || Classifications for Prototype Drivers
GT SUPER TROPHY || Classification for GT Super drivers
TOURING TROPHY || CLassification for Touring Drivers
ROAD TROPHY || Classification for Road Drivers


See you on track from July 8th for another, incredible season of vintage racing! Omg omg omg


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