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3D LFS renders
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Fat-Boy RB4
My first ever Render.
I am a bit proud of myself even i just has to add the Skin to the Scene.

Wich Render Programm are you guys using to Render 1280x1024?
I am currently using Brazil r/s and BIGRender demo.
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Quote from ldriver :changed a few things

it still looks totally unrealistic, u need to fix ur textures and lighting a bit..
try adding some raytrace or global illumination, bump maps and a brighter sky.. :S
second one.
omg wtf is that UF.. THING!

btw, how does the FV8 get down from there? been a while since i've been around race cars and.. :/ a race track at that
LX6 is in the ground.
Some cars are floating a bit.
But it's still nice!
the f08 is brought down on a lift. I got paddock passes to The first Indy Car Race at Watkins Glen,NY and they do the same.
My latest render with FXR
Here it is
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Quote from k-Oz :Here it is

nice wheels.. shitty render
thanks anyway...but heres another one...tell me what u think about this one
to bright; but those are DEFINETLY the type of wheels that need to be on the GTR cars (plus thats low poly :up: )
Quote from k-Oz :thanks anyway...but heres another one...tell me what u think about this one

too bright and the tarmac texture doesnt look like tarmac :P
k-Oz, good idea...but yes, to bright and bad texture
Quote from ramtech :nice wheels.. shitty render

Probably not tottaly neccesary is it?
Thank u guys....but its one of my first renders the first ones never come perfect eheh....
practice is the key
Looks Great thus far. Need to add some more "life" to the environment now. What you have there is really great though.

reflections on the car look great, its a shame they end becasue there is no geometry left.

Look forward to seeing a finished one
Thought i'd post something here, i know it has a wayyy overbright sky that desperately needs fixing..i'll fix it and update it here...
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Not perfect render, but this scene is defenetly good idea

But now something from MorroW Designs.

Double NB! Every picture is more than 18MB BIG!

Resolution - 3508 x 2480 pixels

Clicking on picture leads you into gallery, where you can rethink -
click or not to click...only one question

Why so big? Point is to make really high quality A4 size print.
Original was saved as 16 bit TIFF, bit less than 50MB per picture.

Total rendering time for 3 pics was 17h
now for a somewhat fixed render....

morrow... :O, thats amazing, my rig would have crashed and burned when i even would have thought about rendering at those resolutions....
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3D LFS renders
(8487 posts, started )