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MRc E-Challenge 2023 - Sign-up
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MRc E-Challenge 2023 - Sign-up

To sign up for the MRc E-Challenge 2023 championship, make a post here giving your requested car number, LFS license name, your real name, your nationality, and your team name (team name optional).
Separate each field with a /, no space between the text of the field and the /. Example:

47/michal 1279/Michal Málek/Czechia/Master Race car

Numbers 2-99 are free for selection. Number 1 is reserved for the winner of the previous edition of the E-Challenge - Jimi "gemini" Virtanen

Signups are open NOW.

Licence Requirements for Drivers:
You will need S3 LFS License to participate in ALL rounds.

Current Entry list attached.
Attached files
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(xpablousky) DELETED by xpablousky : irl stuff during race days :(
68/Negrito68/Felipe Almeida/Brazil/Racers Team
25/Viperakecske/Gábor Gyüre/Hungary/Team S1DUS
19/_Lucas19/Lucas Rosa/Brazil/Roda Presa Racing Team
18/thegamer23/Lorenzo Lucidi/Italy/Race Green Autosports
63/dyanamite/Oļegs Grigorjevs/Latvia/Ogre Heat
#7 - McWer
77/McWer/Aleksejs Grigorjevs/Latvia/Ogre Heat
96/Eclipsed/Rony Kronpušs/Latvia/Race Green Autosports
#9 - Altsu
17/Altsu/Aleksi Lamerto/Finland/Team S1DUS
76/johnt2005/John Madigan/Australia/Gum Garage
05/Arturo Boix/Gabriel Lara/España/Team America
54/Huskii/Ross McKenzie/DatHuski Racing Team
64/Flame CZE/Martin Kapal/Czech Republic/SAVAGE SimSports
06/CarlosSainz55/Carlos Eduardo/Brazil/Racers Team
20/naanashi/Gabriel Felipe/Brazil/Racers Team
03/dmaxforty_ams/Toni Martín/Spain/Thysee eSports
27/PauloWaleski/Paulo Waleski/Brazil
98/jmeade/Jared Meade/Canada/SAVAGE Angus Racing
11/htunsal/Hasan Talha Ünsal/Turkey/Master Race car
#20 - CRT7
31/CRT7/Onur Eskintan/Turkey
#21 - RLeb
59/rleb/Reg LeBlanc/Canada/SAVAGE Angus Racing
55/Math55/Matheus Sanches/Brazil/Master Race Car
51/PedroXDBR/Pedro Vitor/Brazil/Master Race car
34/Sobis/Karolis Motiejuitis/Lithuania/Last Lap Motorsports
15/BeIleBoy/Imran Azhar/Malaysia/Master Race car
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MRc E-Challenge 2023 - Sign-up
(75 posts, closed, started )