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LFS S2 - Patch Z
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Quote from imthebestracerthereis :Why did the dashboard change for XRR and UFR, they are eh, not my liking

Yeah, the old XRR cockpit definitely looked more race-car like...

S2 license....

I click on CTRA Race 1....

Loads up skins, etc, and gives me a pop-up....

"Host is S1"

And I'm back at the server list.

It happened to me twice, then the third time I was able to get on the server. I could understand a "Host is full" message (of which it was not full), but the "Host is S1" and that's it was strange.

I tried the third time just to get a screenshot and it let me on the server....

Great job Scawen and Co. (that's NOT sarcasm, this line has nothing to do with above ) Love the combined demo/S1/S2 list. Makes it look like we have many racers in the US with all the demo hosts.... Demo requiring registration, best thing that's happened to LFS since April 06 updates.
Quote from maxelmar :I want to take back what I said about the devolopers being pathetic, not very respectable of me.
But I've waited long for a decent answer or a fix for this problem, nothing yet, a new patch gets you all excited but still you can't enjoy the game (and the new patch)

Out of 20,000+ copies of LFS out there, you are the only person reporting that issue. It's obviously something wrong with your particular machine/drivers/configuration. The devs might be able to give you some ideas about what to check, but this is obviously not an issue with the game itself or more people would be having problems.
Quote from h3adbang3r :Because they are GTR cars. The UFR is rough and unfinished though.

What about FXR and FZR? They look the same as before
Great job, Scavier! Many thanks for all the work, guys! what's next?
New tracks?!
Ahh I'm just joshin' (sadly)
Quote from gohfeld23 what's next?
New tracks?!
Ahh I'm just joshin' (sadly)

westhill update on the way.

good chance for new roads.
AMAZING inprovement
i feel like ive gotten my money's worth
Tnx 4 great job!!
Quote from Sponge :Well.. just updated to Z and this happend.. is it me or a bug? (this happend with all cars btw)

QUICKLY someone photoshop some bricks underneath it lol
i used to enjoy more with the S2Y because with the XFR GTR and the G25, i used the H Shifter and i loved it......

NOW i'm very sud, where is the H shifter in the XFR GTR???? i find only the sequenzial gearbox!!!

Is there anyone that knows if it's possible to import an old file to Y from Z to make the H shifter again???

CIAO everyone and THX
Quote from Mazz4200 :Yikes ! 333 !

Thw worse thing is that LFS internal FPS limit kicking in - with TV or Heli view he could get 500 or 1000 FPS max :P
Quote from AndroidXP :How can such simple things cause so much confusion? *sigh*
No, it means that the current hotlaps for these cars are cleared, because their physics changed. Of course you can still upload new hotlaps for them.

Thank you !
Only my english makes confusion.
thx a lot

waiting for S3
One bad thing - Now us S2's can't have a proper FBM Blackwood race can we? If demo users can join and crash into us?
Wait wait wait.... you mean to tell me, after all this fsckin time.. Eric _STILL_ hasn't managed to create new interiors for all cars!? There's only one environment suitable for that man.... the dole queue.

Did we get Aboriginal language yet!? I'm sure there's plenty of LFS being played in the outback with players that feel discriminated against.

The new interiors from the screenshots I've seen aren't bad.. but jesus christ. Any hope for LFS becoming something has just been thrown right out the window. LFS is like Win98.... yeah, it'll still run, but everything about it screams "last century".


Progress is progress.........
Ian, I think we need Penguin letter set, and Arabic, and Telugu before we get real improvements.

Oh, also Quack Quack.

Wait, I think we also need to be able to use fonts, so I can have my Comic Sans MS in LFS always.
Quote from mcintyrej :One bad thing - Now us S2's can't have a proper FBM Blackwood race can we? If demo users can join and crash into us?

Yes you can, just set the player number higher than 11 or 12.
Hi all !I insalled patch Z today and i must say that is very good but i have 1 problem only:
1st is why i don't have many reflections?is there any reflection mod for Z please?
Who can tell me the dds file for Xrt xrt rear lights please,and why the rims look soo mat
Thanks for answers Greetz!
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Quote from Ian.H :Wait wait wait.... you mean to tell me, after all this fsckin time.. Eric _STILL_ hasn't managed to create new interiors for all cars!?

Without wanting to sound as offensive, I really do agree with what Ian says here.

I really can't believe the only reason for Eric not to have finished all interiors is just "that it takes time"... There must be something else going on? Is he secretly working on something big that we're not supposed to know about yet? Or is my assumption that Eric is a full-time employee for LFS incorrect?

In the Miscellaneous Addons section on this forum I see very nice interiors being produced with the same pace rabbits produce posterity.. Of course I understand Eric will have to be smarter in his designs to minimize GFX stress, and that changes in his design have to be synchronized with Scawen's physics calculations, etc. but is that really that big a factor? Do we all underestimate the work that needs to be done? Where is the bottle neck that we don't see? If that could be explained it would take away a lot disbelieve.

Don't get me wrong though, the new interiors for the cars that are done look incredible and the background image is simply beautiful. But I share Ian's dissapointment / astonishment about the production rate.

I hope I don't sound like a big whiner here, and hope even more that some of my honest questions can be answered
I kinda dont like the fact the FZ stayed the same, No new steering wheel racing seats.

But other then that i like everything that patch Z offers.
The only reasonable explanation is that they are working on S3 content, meaning completely new tracks, cars, graphic engine, etc.. so these interiors are kinda chucked in to stop the "whining" I mean, if Eric didn't already started work on S3 content, when will he. By the pace we had to wait for interiors (1 3rd of them), new tracks and cars can't come sooner than 2011, and that is IF he already started to work on that..
The worst case scenario is they are finishing the S2, and there is no background work going on from Eric and they have no plan on doing it.. They want to settle down after S2 and see how it goes then... And as i said, if there's nothing in the works, we wont get new content (S3) for 2 or 3 years, and that is with this graphic engine, can't imagine how long it had to be to have DirectX 9, weather changes, etc... and i'm afraid that is the real case scenario... hope i'm wrong, but i'm sure that if they are releasing the new content, they would want to charge for that, and i'm perfectly fine with that, but i don't think we should expect any new content as a free S2 patch...
Quote from AndroidXP :Yes you can, just set the player number higher than 11 or 12.

That excludes majority of the S2 servers then. Which is good.

LFS S2 - Patch Z
(563 posts, started )