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3D LFS renders
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I redid the UF Pickup I made last year, skins work better on it now, rear quarter panel gets stretched a little. Also got a engine model from a Mini I found on the net, nicked the door handles from it too, I also updated the XRG Cabrio.
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UF Pickup Revised.jpg
UF Pickup Revised 2.jpg
UF New Dash 3.jpg
XRG Cabrio 6 Updated.jpg
Quote from okijuhans :Please.

is that the 1 i put the muffler on the left side? so it look better that way?
Hell knows.
loves the UF modifications.
XRG Cabrio is nice, just roof is to dark. :/
Here's my try with my new model, basic lighting, no textures and gi on.

I'm not very good at rendering but you can try yourself with the model i used in this scene.Just download it from
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I really like your headlights
I made my own custom lights with cylinders and and spheres. Good work Zorer.
That FZ looks even sexier now.
I <3 that FZ **Drools**
I wanna see that FZ in LFS as well, not just on a pic
Here is my newest render!
Not bad at all. Fix the steering column and put the front mudguards back on and you have a winner.
I'd make the V8 smaller too, the only V8 i've seen in a Seven body was a Busa V8.
Theres plenty out there with Rover V8's in them.
Few renders from yesterday, and yeah, these are what you wanted Auzas.
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aint a car have 4 wheels? btw look good
Quote from e2mustang :aint a car have 4 wheels? btw look good

yes! but sometimes if you use too many polygons, you must delete or hide the hide things, like the rim. in that case, you can delete the whole rear left wheel, and i think the front left rim only, but you can't delete the front left tire, because that happend.
LOL, i didnt saw that cant see tyres in couple views. >.<
K, huge problem, nvm.
Quote from feat :LOL, i didnt saw that cant see tyres in couple views. >.<
K, huge problem, nvm.


its a wonder that side stays off the ground!
well i was bored today so i put together a big scene,took 2 hours to make,about 1.5 hour to render.u will not see many things tho,due to my unknowledge in 3ds max.
2 types see wich is better,and comments please
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Very nice man! 2nd !!
Both of them are pretty nice

3D LFS renders
(8487 posts, started )