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Am I the only one who grips their wheel so hard it makes their arms and neck hurt the next morning?

Man, I grip that bloody wheel so hard it leaves indentations in the bloody thing

I need to try and relax LOL
#2 - Ospi
lol i used to during intense NR2003 races where you would have 4 wide into turns and stuff. Don't anymore though, not sure why i don't anymore however lol.
Yeah i do it sometimes.. when im driving a real intense or a hard combo.. its bad.. its also bad for the wheel me thinks because sometimes i notice im also pulling it to a direction or other (from or to me)while death gripping..
Relax Dano

I once heard your meant to drive with your fingertip to help let the car flow and it also heaps to judge the feel of the car
Yeah, I try, I am pulling at the wheel so hard I almost pull the damn thing off the desk.

Must try and learn to relax.
I really tried it, but failed and broke my wheel and here I am, 10 months without LFS now.

Drive safely lads!

PS. Actually my arms didn't hurt, but over 15mins of racing and I was sweating all over the place... Had to wear underwear only in league races.
Lol tell me about it Dano!
I did screw up my, whats the name, not muscles but the other things senes/scenes (?) in my arm because I played too much LFS. Now my doctor says that it will probally take some weeks before my arm(s) is ok again Well, they work but DAMN does it hurt when I have to make big turns on the wheel.
Hahaha, I usually have to consciously relax my right leg from time to time, or becomes all tensed up
@ TVE Tendons?
I, rather surprisingly, stay quite calm while I race.
Since my wheel has only 180 degrees I can't really be tense or I'll be slow to react accurately enough to make a correction. I've noticed I'm pretty much the same when karting, never get sore arms or neck and my hands are just on the wheel but ready to correct if need be.

My legs are a different matter though: I've noticed that when I'm focused I pump the right foot alot in some cars in LFS (usually the tail-happy ones) when approaching the apex trying to get it to bite while keeping a healthy amount of sliding and I get on the gas like a black metal drummer warming up on the kick-drum.
Quote from danowat :I am pulling at the wheel so hard I almost pull the damn thing off the desk.

You should push . You get a more sensitive feel by pushing with the left hand when turning right and vice versa. Same thing with being relaxed. Doesn't help me drive quick though

Having said that the few times I've been karting I gripped so hard I couldn't hold my pint steady afterwards!
Maybe it´s the FF-setting. Turning the wheel shouldn´t be hard, Force Feeedback should give you information about the track and the car. It shouldn´t force you to fight against the wheel.

Kart racing is different, a few rounds can be very hard!
The steering wheel, in a racing car, is your friend. It will help you go quickly and avoid accidents. No need to punish it for being helpful.
I've never noticed it in my arms, but I do sometimes end up clenching my butt so much it aches
Quote from danowat :@ TVE Tendons?

And yet, LOL I do not even use Force Feedback xD!!
Quote from Dajmin :I've never noticed it in my arms, but I do sometimes end up clenching my butt so much it aches

I deliberately clench my buttocks during cornering to simulate G-forces.

Ok... not really.
Well my grip on the wheel is quite loose but when under pressure in a race or when i am chasing someone down i do tend to tense up and grip it tightly. Still doesn't compare to how Bob grips the wheel!!! i still blame him for breaking my momo clamp
Quote from Dajmin :I've never noticed it in my arms, but I do sometimes end up clenching my butt so much it aches

Ah, another one of the medical textbooks then: "racing hemorrhoids"
well im usually very relaxed when i drive. im not overreacting. the only thing is that my hands are all sweaty
Well, i don't grip the steering wheel very hard, but i do get aches in my neck and arms (200% force). But they only come when i haven't raced for a while, when i race longer the pain goes away.
I bite.
I used to do that, and then one day I moved the desk I was pulling so hard. So now, I dont clamp the wheel onto the desk as hard, it forces me to be gentle with it otherwise I pull it of the desk!

One thing I cant stop doing and have done since the start, is tilting my head to the side. No matter how hard I try, my head very slowly tilts over to the right and down slightly throughout the race.
By the end of the race Im looking at the screen from a very weird angle, then I realise and straighten up. Anyone else do that?
No. You're weird.

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