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Longest sim-race record?
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How cool. They should have a video of the whole stunt on the interweb

But that'd be a great record to breack in a sim who's up for 30 days of none stop racing
Does GBoR recognise time based records for computer games? iirc they stopped recording (purely) time based sporting records a long time ago?

Anyway - count me out - I can't stay awake 24 hours never mind any longer
If they dont like time based stuff, make it distance based, like 10000km or something, but how to prove that distance is same in real world..hmm
does anybody know that parti in the h2g2 ? the one thats been going on and on for generations ? how about we try to start the same thing in lfs ?
Ye...lets start something like that!
Theres a problem thou, if it goes forever they cant put it to books before its not finished and has gone forever, and if its stopped it hasnt gone forever and its not worth of mentioning
It can be done obviously, lets just hope no one dies doing it :faint:
Make it a contest. Last person driving is the winner. And you get to dodge people who pass out for an added challenge!
Quote from Tweaker :I read about this in my recent car magazine, try and emulate it and you will certaintly be in the news and record books ... Features/articleId=105899

You should see the pictures after each stint. Cars are covered with thousands of bugs and they hit quite a few birds too

I saw one of these cars at the IAA in Frankfurt, they were covered about 3-4 mm thick with insects. And to save the look of it, the whole car was sprayed over with clear coat. illepall
It's bad for you to do anything for so long and not get a break or sleep.

You will shorten your life (!) or take a hit to your health, even if you survive the occasion. Much better do do a driver swapping thing, so you can get sleep and keep your health.
lol wtf you can't drive non-stop for 24 hours, you would have to do driver changes. Even 5 hours would be too much imo.
yea, scawen has a very good point here, many of you dont realise how dangerous sum of the guiness WR stunts are, ofcourse they never actually publish all the failed attempts, including these which are perhaps fatal. I think it is possible for a long long race, in a LAN (no d/c's), ie 10 drivers doing it non-stop for 1 whole month, or 1 week :P
from Guiness WR site Is it a Record? Unfortunately because video game manufacturers themselves advise against playing games for extended periods, we are unwilling to consider any records for computer game playing ‘marathons’ (i.e. records based on playing for the longest time non-stop).
Pish, I knew that had it for single players, but does it count for lots of people o_O But they had to bring it out to stop people playing games nonestop >.<
Yea as long as each individual person keeps the time on the PC 'reasonable', I don't see why this advisory would hamper the attempt!
Quote from NotAnIllusion :Yea as long as each individual person keeps the time on the PC 'reasonable', I don't see why this advisory would hamper the attempt!

i think 2 hours is safe, and not dangerous, but will require alot of organisation and i think this could be publicized very well, for being 'smart' gaming, ie set an example on how you can enjoy a game for long periods of time without risking your health etc, we can even make the news
In general, the GBoR won't consider any record that involves serious sleep deprivation. That's been their policy for a while now.

That said, with regular driver swaps (ideally every hour or two), I think it wouldn't be a health risk. Organizing enough time to do it would be hard, as well as ensuring the computers don't crash or something. Even the current crop of endurance races have a notable attrition rate due to computer failures of various kinds.
thats why its best to use a LAN
Or just make sure your PC is stable. No OC's, and close anything you can. I've left my PC running for a week, ran a 12 AI car race with all cars having 100% fuel until the tanks ran dry, closed it and left it running for another week. The major online problem is if ISP's go down.

Which brings it to a LAN, but also cuts down on the ammount of people who can take part (as it costs money to get lots of people in one place).
I agree that it would be stypid to do without driver changes. And LAN would be the only option because I think that they want monitor the WR tryers, so they cant use some cheat and let computer do the driving. And there is allways someone from GBoR to monitor and make it official, and thats why LAN would be easier, or everyone would need someone to monitor them at home
Quote from tpa :After 24 hours, my dsl disconnects

Is Jan Ulrich to blame ?
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Quote from Hyperactive :Oval and XF GTi

Either the driver is bored to death or the throttle pedal will die.
My record "uptime" is close to 40h :Kick_Can_, but I was kinda :zombie: at the end, so a 30h race should be ok. I'm 99,99% sure that my PC and internet connection would be stable. The car - LX6?

So Eza, are you in or what?
Watching the replay would be cool
It doesn't matter if your dsl disconnects every 20 hours or 30 hours, you wouldn't be driving that long non-stop, there would be driver changes.
there were some guys in the german forum who did 17 hours iirc.

I think they were allowed to have a 5min break every hour.

Longest sim-race record?
(52 posts, started )