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BeSpoke for LFS S2 Patch V
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#1 - Davo
BeSpoke for LFS S2 Patch V
Didn't see this posted yet so I thought why not

Quote :BeSpoke allows you to create and use custom wheels for the XRT, XRG and XFG cars! Great for screenshots and movies! Using BeSpoke's 3D editor you can model your custom wheels to achieve a very broad range of designs. Essentially this program is useful for making screenshots or perhaps movies, when you want to dress up the car a little bit for presentation purposes. BeSpoke will not give you the ability to use more than one preset at a time and therefore has limited online appeal.
#2 - Jakg

Yay! downloading (when i get in!)

does this work online (namely that i pick a wheel and it shows all cars of that type with my wheels, not that they see my wheel) without it kicking me?
#3 - Davo
Haven't tried it online yet, having too much fun making new wheels
#4 - Antsa
yes, finally!
Export to LFS -> Cannot validate LFS licence.

#6 - Davo
Have you got lfs open? lol
Now works, thk
XXX Pimpmasters FTW :)

Woohoo! Trying this now.
niiiiiceee! loading....
#11 - Vain
Please tell me someone did these .

Quote from Vain :Please tell me someone did these .


Have a look in the attached zip.

There are probably some real shockers in there and some may not be finished (ignore them!) but I'm fairly sure there's one in there that could be quickly modified to get the design you want.
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Would it be possible to add key shortcuts for opening file (ctrl+O) and full design view (ctrl+D)? I'm asking because it is quite slow to look for a rim that I like when I have to do all manually with mouse.
I havent downloaded this yet, but can anyone tell me if this works for the Test Patch V2?
#15 - Gunn
Quote from VTiRoj :I havent downloaded this yet, but can anyone tell me if this works for the Test Patch V2?

V and V2
#16 - Jakg
it does (at least the site says so)
Ah thats great

(I didnt click the site because we're not allowed to download stuff at college )
Can other players in server see it?
I don't think you can use it online, you will disconnect with an OOS error. I also didn't think it worked for demo versions of LFS.
just asking
my try :)
Now this Ultimate XRT (preset by squidhead) gets new rims fitted
IMO, it's really great that we are getting "real" tuning for LFS cars in the form o these apps... (by real I mean performance tuning and sport/racing style wheels - NOT some ricing crap)
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is there any way to transform a XFG or a XR or whatever wheel in a XRT wheel ? because I Liked the design of a lot of wheels but I woldlike to "install" them in the other 2 models...
my firewall keeps asking me if i wanna let bespoke connect to the internet......its not supposed to, right? doesnt sound right...
i know this is a double post and what looks like about to be a threadjack but have any ideas been floated around about the option to change your rims in s3? ive seen certain threads like "man, why cant i put 28"s on my car?! this is teh suck...." nah im not playing that route, but ive seen at least a couple of sets of rims that would look awesome in s3.........just an idea...

BeSpoke for LFS S2 Patch V
(93 posts, started )