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Post your Car two
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Quote from Big Daddy :Seems like you couldn ´t wait for the new progress report either Big grin

yeaah i been away from game for 7 years,before that i dont know how many years waiting for rockingham Smile (i know its in s3 already, but not buying it )

Quote from THE WIZARD DK :can we get a laptime too ?

im aware its probably not that fast in that car, but could perhaps be fun for some to know. well im one Smile

yeah sure, i only got a few clean laps but managed 1:45 consistently in those. Its a 330 i sport, probably close to xrt performance

Also i can say i hit 120 mph on the oval before T1, and on midtrack left turns around 80 mph

2001 Subaru Forester S

Lowered on 2004 WRX struts and springs

EJ25 making a whopping 165hp
I needed something really good in snow, but not boring. Alas, my 2015 Ford Interceptor! 3.5L Twin Turbo AWD, with a great warranty. Loving it so far.

That's my new car (Mazda 3) i bought few days ago. It's looks small but there is a lot of space inside Big grin
And the Hyundai Coupe is my old one (Will drive it only when i go back to Bulgaria)
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Quote from crazyboy232 :That's my new car (Mazda 3) i bought few days ago. It's looks small but there is a lot of space inside Big grin
And the Hyundai Coupe is my old one (Will drive it only when i go back to Bulgaria)

I have a 2016. It is extremely small, too small of a car for how raked they are making the windshields over here. Huge a-pillar holding airbags, can't see past. Center mirror mounted lower in line with your eyes so you can't get away from the soccer mom's and brodozers we have blazing their outrageously brilliant blinding LED lights as well as needing to move around to see through the turns. Have to move around to see to the left around the huge a-pillars to see cars coming in the oncoming lane also. I'm not very tall, but I'm sitting beside the rear of the door frame so I have to get up from my rear end being below knee level when my feet are outside on the ground and slide past the door frame while trying to slide out from under the steering wheel.

Small cars are just too small these days for how they are designing them. I feel like I'm looking out the porthole of a cruise ship trying to see all the while almost pulling out in front of people because as I look around blindspot after blindspot the other car is moving from blindspot to blindspot.

It isn't an issue for most people here in the US because most people can't focus their attention further than as far as they can hold their phone to their face, but for those few of us who still actually drive and operate a motor vehicle, it's dang dangerous to drive. Unfortunately with only 60k miles on it, I still have 100-140k miles to go before I'm ready to get into something else.

Not mine but looks exactly the same. Lighweight, nimble and cheap to repair. Love it. I've always wanted one since Marcus Grönholm won WRC championship with P206 and now I got one

edit: Almost 15 years in LFS and this was my first post Big grin
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I had the opportunity to drive a Lamborghini Huracàn at the Driving Center track of Castellet.
What a car ! Only 4 laps to discover the track and the car, but that was a really nice moment. Scawen and Eric : we need such kind of cars in LFS while they are still allowed to exist Big grin LFS

Noob inside : I was having finally the opportunity to drive a 4wd vehicle, and found particularly strange to not have any weird effect when turning in ... discovered after it was a rwd version of the Huracàn ... Wave Ya right

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Ain't a beast but she gets me around Smile in a comfortable and reliable way.
Bought this ~2 months ago..

1.5 weeks later.. after being hit from behind when parked outside my house and pushed into the back of my better-half's motor.. it looked like this..

Insurer wrote it off with ~£7.5k worth of labour and ~£22k worth of parts, though they valued it at £3k more than I paid for it (not a bad profit!).. now got this one as a replacement ~2 weeks ago... hoping this one lasts! =D ..


10 days after buying it the car being declared dead is serious bad luck. Glad for you the insurance paid you quickly and you found another car quickly 👍🏻. I personally prefer the colours of the new one
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I do too tbh mate.. had to make a few compromises with spec (lost auto-dimming mirror and heated seats, cruise-control) but gained sports chrono pack (comes with dynamic ECU and switchable sports exhaust) and upgraded BOSE sound system.. both of which are actually far more useful than either of the others.

The dark atlas grey looks different colours/shades in different lights.. not _quite_ pearlescent, but heading in that direction.. and also a black interior rather than ocean blue (although apparently a "premium colour", is definitely not as nice and looked more dated than black).

Other than already getting a puncture in the front wheel (non-repairable, typically!), it's all round a better car.

Takes some getting used to having virtually no weight in the front compared to the V8 I had in the AMG.. but despite being slower, a lot more fun to drive (especially being full manual).


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My little funny car since 1 year, did some trackdays, I'm really enjoyning this:

Btw, on the helmet i've a LFS sticker, but it's on the left side.
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Post your Car two
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