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Do people still play this game?
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Racist? Where did I mention a race?

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still the same person, the remaining people are the ones which became bitter, think about that Thumbs up
Quote from :Racist? Where did I mention a race?

In your thankfully deleted post. I wouldn't blame you if you forgot what you wrote, as it seems like your mind is stuck in the 1960s.
And then my comments get removed with a 'talking rubbish' flag. Double standards here.

I know exactly what I wrote, CCP is not a race, its a regime. And its from the 50s.

For you it's not too late to say sorry.
Quote from :And then my comments get removed with a 'talking rubbish' flag. Double standards here.

I know exactly what I wrote, CCP is not a race, its a regime. And its from the 50s.

For you it's not too late to say sorry.

Why would I apologize for your racism?
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Why would you even bring this up again, weeks after the fact? Will you be stuck in a loop between offtopic rambling and cEnSOrSHip accusations until they ban you?
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Quote from 5tag :Why would you even bring this up again, weeks after the fact?

I don't visit this very often anymore but the right to defend yourself is a basic law which you can find in countries which has gone trough basic civil development.

And with such false and very wrong allegations it's very much needed. Especially with a corrupt judging system.

Pulling the racist card is very much 2005 anyway, very lame. Especially against someone which ran a global server for years with tens of thousands visitors. Beyond stupid.

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Pretty much! It exposes the future of LFS. If a main developer shows its real face. Quite a disgrace.
Oh get over yourself. Stop the bullshit and lets get back on-topic.
It's the main topic
Quote from :...If a main developer shows its real face. Quite a disgrace.

You mean that Scawen is a communist and he censorship everyone like CPC? Big grin
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Quote from :It's the main topic

It's not. I wouldn't be surprised if Scawen deleted all those recent posts or locked the thread for good. If you actually want to discuss this, open a new thread in the offtopic section. Although every sentence of yours seems to be loaded with so much ideology and ignorance I doubt much meaningful conversation can come out of it, but try me.
It is, censorship leads to unofficial ways of playing or no playing at all because 'leadership' gets very unreliable. If a comment doesn't fit in, it could be moved, agreed. But censoring is an extremely bad idea.

Above all, this lockdown nonsense is not offtopic its very much ontopic

Quote from Evolution_R :You mean that Scawen is a communist

censoring is not related to communism, look for example at your neighbor country (Turkey). Censorship is just what it is, aggressively controlling your own point of view no matter what. I think these lockdowns are total b&.sht and only one specific group of people are highly benefiting from it in the long run.. Which is not LFS.

But there is no place for such a discussion on this forum apparently. Can only talk about some internal sim update about every six months, very dynamic!
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Isn't there literally an off topic part in this forum ? And also whats the problem in talking about the game, in the game's forum... What do you think this forum is ? All the reddit and facebook groups in one place ?
as for 2020 update - yes people still play this game.

AA runs a nice pick up racing multiclass server where you can race with randoms and have fun.

Or you can participate in more seriously organized races, those happen basically every day.

If we check the calendar, every day there is minimum of 1 big race, some days even 3. If you got a job, a wife or girlfriend, and any semblance of social life, and still want to be competitive when you drive, its hard to imagine driving in more than 2 or 3 of these weekly events, because you need to invest some time in practising also.

But basically, LFS has enough action to keep you busy good 3-4 hours per day. Considering that the game was considered dead 10 years ago, its not bad.
I remember few years ago when I discovered LFS while looking for nice games to play on linux. At first glance I thought it's just a typical bad browser game with ripoff name from NFS so I ignored it. Then a year ago I decided to try this game and ... wow, such a driving & racing experience I never feel at another racing games. A year later and now LFS is my most often played pc game. Definitely worth to play even on demo servers.
For the moment, I still play LFS since until things change, it's the only sim I can play remotely well.

But also because I've been slowly learning how to actually setup cars on my own basis.

And by that, I mean actually have some kind of understanding of what I'm doing and how it directly affects whatever car I'm using for any given kind of situation.

While I do consult the manual for help, I've had to resort to a bit of trial-and error to honestly figure out setups that I can both be consistent (I want to say fast but that's a lie) and not burn the tires out in record time.

But I also play because I don't want to get rusty with any concept of sim driving. It's why I had played GT6 when I could simcade or not, and before that, anything else I could play or try out.

That and I'm patiently waiting for what updates may come, I'd complain but at the same time, I can understand and appreciate that the developers want to try and get things right.

If I had any regrets, it was not getting into it fully sooner than later, oh well.
I wonder if the writers of south park come here to get material for their show.

I barely play this game.
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I wanted to try to get back into it. Have not played in years.
The requests of the market (in this context, the online players) dictate the development of any good product. Unfortunately, the developers didn't listen well the wishes of online players. One time there were many players just crusing, drifting and doing drag races around the tracks. That was the time for LFS to develop that aspect of racing simulation (drift cars/tracks, cruise tracks and drag tracks/cars). Why? Because that's what has been hot and actual.
Devs have never been after "what's hot in the moment", they're after perfection.
Unfortunately it takes time.
Yes, I am still play this game, this is very popular and I love it.
I don't play online anymore for many reasons, I play offline against the ai for shits and giggles however the ai development has been forgotten and are easily passed with practise. I am waiting for the new tyre physic that are decades in the making to finally get here before resuming online racing. I figure its going to make such as difference to play any records achieved prior will not be worth the hard work as we all will have to learn to drive again
So far in 2020 I enter AA servers very frequently, they are correct running, I am not looking to run in a very competitive way, only to relax after work.
I just bought a license yesterday. Should I feel stupid?

Do people still play this game?
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