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Teams that are Recruiting Drivers
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Team Name: Street Obsessions

  • Team Obsessions - Private Server
  • Street Obsessions - Racing Server
Type: Cruising, Social

Team info: Street Obsessions is more than a cruise team. Over the years, we slowly evolved into what we call a "family community". We treat ourselves as family members and we choose our members accordingly. From LFS, we moved towards other driving games as the years went by. We currently focus on LFS, ETS and AC (to name a few).

  • LFS Thread:
  • TC Section:
  • Google Application form:
Are you willing to accept members immediately or will you test drivers?: Potential members usually go thru a 2 week recruitment period. During that time we get to know the player a little more in detail.

Demo/S1/S2?: S2

Extra Info: "More than a cruise team", Street Obsessions is highly interested in each individual. That's why we put extra effort in finding "active social members". While playing games is our starting point, sharing our daily lives and banter is what we really like to do. You might not see Street Obsessions members often on servers, but I can assure you that our Discord is always VERY alive. Slightly aimed towards older people, we don't always have time to play but we always have a couple of minutes for a nice chat.

Best way to contact us: On Discord:

What experience of drivers: No experience is required. Training is Available.

Team Name: Master Race Car

[MRc] Custom
[MRc] FBM Saturday
[MRc] Formula BMW
[MRc] Formula BMW PRO
[MRc] Historic GTi
[MRc] Master s2
[MRc] Rallyx

Type: From serious racing to cruising, and everything in between.



Team tag: [MRc]

Are you willing to accept members immediately or will you test drivers?: We have application form that we follow. Usual time to accept membership is 1-2 weeks. Apply here

Demo/S1/S2?: everything

Teams that are Recruiting Drivers
(227 posts, started )