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Fragmaster's GTi Thursday

Fragmaster's GTi Thursday

GTi Thursday is an ongoing league of (FM) Fragmaster that takes place every Thursday.

(FM) GTi
League Type
Normal Road Car League
Required License
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League Information

[FM] Fragmaster’s GTi Thursday

Season 2021 is brought to you by:

[SR] SonicrealmsRacing

(FM) Fragmaster

Teho GP

B2R Born 2 Race


Every Thursday:
19:00 UTC Session start
19:30 UTC Qualification (approximate time)
20:00 UTC Race (1h, approximate time)
(during summer time: 18:00 UTC, 18:30 UTC, 19:00 UTC)

Points System:

We are changing points system in this season. It will reward 25 drivers instead of top 15 previously.
1st – 50 pts
2nd – 45 pts
3rd – 40 pts
4th – 36 pts
5th – 32 pts
6th – 29 pts
7th – 26 pts
8th – 23 pts
9th – 20 pts
10th – 18 pts
11th – 16 pts
12th – 14 pts
13th – 13 pts
14th – 12 pts
15th – 11 pts
16th - 10 pts
17th - 9 pts
18th - 8 pts
19th - 7 pts
20th - 6 pts
21st - 5 pts
22nd - 4 pts
23rd - 3 pts
24th - 2 pts
25th - 1 pt

Pole Position – 5 pts
Fastest Lap – 5 pts
Highest Climber – 2 pts


Our regulations are very simple and let you enjoy what is the most important in our events: racing and meeting your friends! Remember following:

General Conditions:
In order to race you need to have Discord and to join our server – invitation link: (you don’t need to have a mic, only listen).
No sign-up needed.
Race takes place at (FM) GTi Thursday host in Live For Speed.
The server will be password protected before the Qualifications, so come early enough to join us. You can also ask the password on Discord.
Race clean, respect other drivers.
Misbehaving might end up with ban.

Race Conditions:
Every Race length is set to achieve approximately 1 hour race (number of laps depends on track).
One mandatory pitstop in each race.
Qualifications: Race Director calls every driver to do his (or her) 1 hotlap in Qualifying mode (1 outlap, 1 hot lap, spectate).
Next track and car choice is picked by a winner of previous event (conditions: different configurations of same track can be picked only 2 times in a row – for example: BL1 -> BL2 -> AS2. The same track can’t be picked 3 or more times in a row).
Rockingham is allowed to be picked.
Cars are picked by a winner of previous event (Available picks: separate XFG and XRG, or you can choose both cars at the same time).
BC (button clutch) is disabled and forbidden.
Points are calculated in a form to reward top 25 racers with points to overall Championship.
Fastest Lap maker, Pole Position sitter both earn 5 points.
Highest climber earns 2 points.
Crossing yellow line when entering or exiting pits causes warning or penalty points to overall standings (amount of penalty points depends on the scale of drivers' crossing of the yellow lane).
Complaints: You can report everyone who caused crash, misbehaved or disturbed you or somebody in the race - please write a post on the forum or our Discord explaining what happened – every claim will be resolved by admins with further actions taken depending on specific type of claim.
You can enter our championship with only one name/LFS license: switching names doesn't affect standings it can end with a ban.
Cheating and using third party programs to achieve advantage ends up with a ban.

Latest News Update

, by jackson93

(click for full-size, made by RG^Mandula)

On November 13th 2021 Fragmaster's GTi Thursday will celebrate its 200th event and 5 years of racing with 3-hours Endurance race.

13th November 2021, 15:15 UTC - Qualify 30 minutes
13th November 2021, 16:00 UTC - Race 3 hours
times in your timezone

Race will be held with GTi class (XF GTI and XR GT). Track is AS7R. XRG will use 1% intake restriction.

Sign-ups are open till November 11th 19:00 UTC. Sign-up thread.
Following sign-up you have to set a time on server (FM) GTi Endurance.
Pre-qualify deadline is November 11th 19:00 UTC.

See you there.

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