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Test Patch U7: Fixes / VR updates
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Quote from Scawen :In the old system, there was some code that reduced the number of FF updates sent from LFS to the wheel drivers (to avoid overload which was a problem in the past, and may still be now, for some wheels) by making sure some number of frames had elapsed since the previous FF update. That number of frames depended on how different the current force was to the last force sent (more different, less frames needed to elapse). The relevant point is that it was related to a number of frames, so people discovered that having otherwise pointless frame rates like 1000 fps gave them more immediate force feedback. Now that code is gone, and you can set to allow 100 Hz FF updates, there is no need to use extremely high frame rates as you can't get higher then 100 Hz FF updates anyway.

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Quote from luchian :And, if I may, a question that seems to be popular these days

As much as I hate derailing a thread like this, that was a good link, thanks for sharing.
Scawen do you know at what point lfs generally clips in regards to ffb? / at what point you get the most out of it on the software side.

Ie I run ffb at 100% ingame I can feel "tire direction", going forward the wheel changes ffb heavily when going to center while slaloming.
In a drift you can very distinctly feel when you've hit the point where the car will start to straighten. Kinda like a different ffb texture.

but with for example 25% ffb you don't feel this, though the strength kinda feels similar across the whole range.

At 60% the ffb gets heavier with more steering in a drift much more gradually/smooth giving a "round" feel
@Scawen: In multiplayer replays you have smoothed the steering wheel movements some time ago. Would that be possible or feasible during a multiplayer (live) race?

The background of my question is that I stream our training races (more or less) weekly on Youtube. The view changes among other things also in the cockpit view. If the cockpit is shown by a vehicle that is not on the streaming PC, the steering wheel movements are still jerky. Is the information missing for the "gentle" movements or is it possible to improve the behavior? Maybe - depending on the effort - does this improvement still have a place here? :-)

As a concrete example a stream / recording from the last race:
Even when the cars are on the same PC, but on different instances of LFS, the wheel and car movement is still slightly jerky. It is due to network connection...

Test Patch U7: Fixes / VR updates
(130 posts, started )