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Live telemetry data in test patch U9
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Live telemetry data in test patch U9
Hello programmers.

Detailed live telemetry is now available in a new customisable OutSim packet.

It is a combination of the RAF data and OutSim data. If this might be useful to you, I'd like to hear if there is any more information you would like to receive or any problems you see with this system. It is a first test in this test patch so please expect it to change.

The position of the car is the location of the reference point described in the CAR_info specification.

Enable detailed OutSim by setting the OutSim Opts value in cfg.txt
All extra data can be switched on with the value ff
The new data is documented in the attached header file OutSimPack.h

Download U9:
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This could be really useful. Thanks Scawen
Just tested with all variables. It's great. Thank you.
This looks wonderful. Haven't tried it yet, but I'm definitely going to.

Love that you have wheel steer angles, forces, loads and slip angles directly available. I would like to see this level of telemetry detail available in all serious sims. rFactor 2, RRE and AMS1 have some but not all of this data.

Which coordinate systems are used for linear/angular distances/velocities/accelerations (world or vehicle)?

Is the telemetry streamed only to UDP or are there options to save to disk?

In CAR_info.bin, is "parallel steer" reflecting Ackermann factor? If so, can you give more detail on the value derivation please, including for anti-Ackermann?

Also, out of interest, do you model dynamic steer effects in LFS, such as from bump steer and track surface geometry, and are these reflected in the wheel steer and slip angles?

Are the OutSimPack.h comments for Pitch and Roll correct? Should they not refer to axes Y and X respectively (not X and Y), i.e. X is forward in vehicle axis system and Y is transverse?

My suggestions for additions:
- Car heading relative to world compass.
- Power at current engine speed.
- Torque at current engine speed/throttle.

Live telemetry data in test patch U9
(4 posts, started )