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Origin free game

The game cast players as a hospital manager tasked with overseeing patient care, financial attainment, general building upkeep and more; but it wasn't nearly as dull as it sounds.

Like Theme Park before it, Theme Hospital became known for its dark sense of humour, with players battling to contain a range of comic illnesses, from 'Hairyitis' to 'Slack Tongue'.

There was also 'Bloaty Head', an affliction so contagious that a strain of it went on to infect characters in The Sims 3 more than a decade later.

An early build of the game had players up against real-life diseases, treating, curing and containing them, but the decision to replace them with fictional conditions was ultimately the right one as it made the experience more lighthearted, more Scrubs than ER.
Watchdogs is on sale, but it has that U(dont)play crap. Is it still so bad I remember everybody raging about it...?

I just missed out on 50% off Carmageddon Reincarnation, by about 30 seconds. I've been meaning to get it for a few days, just went to buy it, and between adding it to the cart and checking out, the sale ended Frown
Quote from Krane :Watchdogs is on sale, but it has that U(dont)play crap. Is it still so bad I remember everybody raging about it...?

I bought the crew which has this and it is every bit as terrible as people make it out to be
hows the game the crew itself tho?
Quote from [RCG]Boosted :hows the game the crew itself tho?

The game itself has a lot of potential, the map is huge, the MMO style thing of always being online and bumping into players and cruising around etc can be a lot of fun. The map is much bigger than the test drive unlimited games, and the handling model is very arcade but enjoyable enough with a 900 degree wheel, the off road/rally aspect is there too and can be a lot of fun (no invisible walls or infinitely strong lamp posts/trees).

The missions are really boring, crap is the only way to describe them really. They involve mostly checkpoint races, "ramming" missions where you have to crash into an AI car an arbitrary amount of times before a cut-scene randomly appears. The online co-op side of the missions doesn't seem to work very often, and the PvP races don't seem to function at all for me.

I still feel like I had quite a bit of fun with this game, it's basically a gigantic LFS cruise server. If it goes on sale I'd say it's worth buying, but as a full priced game with 'micro' transactions there are way too many bugs to justify buying it.

If they were to ever make a sequel and sort out all of their issues I'd say this would be a great game.
FSX steam edition for £3.99, 24hrs left
If anyone still cares and hasn't heard the leaked dates already: Summer Sale has just started and is running until the 21st...
I thought GTAV was 59.99€ before?

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Typical sale strategy, to put a bigger initial price Big grin
There were few other games as well that did that.

Anyways, fingers crossed that all of the reiza stuff is in huge discounts. Must get the stock car extreme and the formula truck 2013. Maybe even derp rally even though I'm not a rally person. Maybe even spintires too.
dirt rally is worth it.. it's already onsale as its early access
Anyone thinking about getting Shadow of Mordor from todays deals, don't.

It's cheaper here with DLC included, redeems to Steam.
Last encore day of the sales, grab what you can while it lasts. Got these games from the sale + AC Dreampack + Dishonored DLC's. Smile

The most fun on this sale has been the Monster minigame though, managed to get the world record last night with the Ye Olde Wormhole crew.

We started couple hours after the daily reset to get an empty room, the clock stopped at 4h 45m 55s when we reached LVL 100M... even including a Steam server crash that lasted 20 minutes! Big grin

Anybody planning on getting Rocket League on the steam sale? If we'd find 4 people we could split the pack and save a bit more. Smile

2/4 needed people.

1. troy
2. Bean0

Steam Sales
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