The online racing simulator
I know this isn't a funny one, but more a WTF one. So, how the hell do you manage to do this?

Only possible if you have the force of women's driving skills.
P.S. probably goin' full retard at parking next to curbstones, lol.
My guess would be overaged tires and too much toe in on that tire. I've see the same on a bus carrying children to a kindergarten once

The corn.
Haha that one is brilliant.
Quote from matijapkc :I know this isn't a funny one, but more a WTF one. So, how the hell do you manage to do this?

That's discrimination !!!!!!!!

Anyone who supports Feminist's should require that any post referencing the above post is removed immediately as it's highly offensive.

Please remember that this forum is the ultimate in PC..............

We don't want to offend anyone do we ?
I think I shouldn't be laughing so hard at the spoon gif... Holy shit!!!!!!

Edit: The cheetos one was awesome too!

Quote :Трофей из Межигорья, для музея эротики - Trophy of Mezhyhirya for the Museum of Eroticism

edit: this was apparently found in Janukowitchs residence
This guy is reminding me slightly of GTA V's Michael, lol.
Looks more like a huge Alec Baldwin
Great art critics her, I like. In addition, this was a painting the former General State Attorney of Ukraine, Pshonka, had done of himself. Quite a piece of art

^ Bose would love that gif.
^ No one loves Toki.

Love how WiuuiIIuuuIuuu thing stays in background trying to avoid the all ^_^
whats the name of that film? i seen lot of gifs of it but now i just have to watch it
The Rise of The Peasants
Spoiler, the Peasants fail to rise.

Science, bitches.
Is it the framerate matching the rotor speeds?
Wot, it's a game footage
That's Arma's engine right..

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