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I've been doing some tests... If you like them I might pull a final image.

Edit: I forgot to compensate the saturation values on the shader... hope to update soon.
The angle is really, really nice, but I think the skin shouldn't be so dark. Can you, please, reduce the glossy stuff and the dark stuff too? That's my personal opinion :P

Again, not final.
Looks nice. Perhaps less or even get rid of the flake stuff?
Also, I think you could keep it simple (regarding the rims). These rims sort of look lowrider-ish. What about default rims?
Okay, I get what you mean. Now the problem is I don't know when I'll have time. But I think I'll be able to do it somewhen next week, if not earlier.
Hello people, could somebody make WCL's facebook background,the image should be about this car
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My first attempt... Still not happy with it

: )
FXR gonna take some more time...

This skin plz
a crackers FZ50
and stop posting these bic pictures...i hate it
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Ohai fellas, well... I don't post here much but... I was wondering if someone could render the skin I made for my FZ5? And, if at all possible, put a set of RAYs TE37sl wheels on it?? Also, if possible, would it be possible to use maybe a Japanese highway at night for the background? So, lights will be on, etc.? Thanks in advance!!

FZ5 Skin
Thank you!
(Ssaint) DELETED by Ssaint : this not my skin
wow Nice Vitaly_M!

Thanks a lot! I like it!
Here's my Oculus Rift skin to celebrate the great oculus rift integration in LFS!

Hope you like it, I will post the skins when they are done (I've done 3 so far).
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What is that doing here though?

Render My Skin
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