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Good luck in the 12 hour, you guys are looking stronger and stronger everyday!
Quote from N I K I :tcpcmf ur capable of reading ...

c, you are the one talking shit. why not be nice to others and not complain about every stupid thing?
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Quote from Dennis93 :Excuse me?..

Everyone knows it's you, and I had expected no other guy to save such picture on their PC. (and put HUEHUAHUEHUA flag)

No matter that, serves great purpose.
Nice try, but wrong person.
Quote from rockclan :Everyone knows it's you, and I had expected no other guy to save such picture on their PC. (and put HUEHUAHUEHUA flag)

No matter that, serves great purpose.

Define everyone?
Also, i dont see why i should hide myself, unlike someone else should in this thread.
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First time in my life I read about myself as being a good and polite guy WAY TO GO BELA!
Quote from N I K I :[B]Some of that and Niki's 'not afraid to speak the truth from his hart,

Mr. pro English, Hart ?? real

Also about your write up, ex-members says it definitely in other light, and i believe them more.

Quote :Niki said in ixion that kassu is fat, retard and he swear kasper's parents too

Happy bday Niki.
GT1 Challenge Review

Interviewer: Was there any goal that you aimed for ? If yes, what was it and did you success at making it happen?
Niki Đaković: The original aim was to see how competitive I can be. Once I realized I picked a wrong car, the new goal was to explore and learn more about the new car.
To some extent I feel I've succeded at making myself closer to that goal.

Interviewer: Which round of the GT1 challenge did you enjoy the most ? Was it because of the track or, perhaps, the competitive racing that you experienced?
Niki Đaković: Aston North's round is the one I've enjoyed the most. It was the round I raced directly against my main rival and personally the most enjoyable track of the season as well.

Interviewer: Did you encounter any issues during the season? Perhaps, setup issues or anything else that made it slightly difficult to competite.
Niki Đaković: I wouldn't call it issues. It was more of a challenges.
During the season many different racers came to front of the races to compete, that was very interesting I'd say.
The biggest challenge after finding speed with the car was of course making the tires last the race distance, which is always continuesly a challenge in GTR cars.

Interviewer: Did you manage to improve your Personal Best times with your chosen car? If yes, are you satisfied with your improvements?
Niki Đaković: Yeah, for most of the tracks I was there for the first time with the car even.
So for the moment I am satisfied with that, however I don't base my performance on laptimes too much.

Interviewer: Is there anything else you would like to mention? Perhaps a big thanks to the organizers or the racers that were involved in this league ?
Niki Đaković: Of course, thanks to everyone involved with GT1 Challenge for making it happen.

Interviewer: Who, in your opinion, was the driver who improved the most throughout the whole season?
Niki Đaković: Emyn. He started ironing very nicely.

Interviewer: Which moment, for you, was the most exciting or the most thrilling that you could consider as the best moment of the season?
Niki Đaković: I can't take one out. Really, there are more of them. Aston North's start of the race was a real thrill, just as were the final laps from Blackwood GP, as well as was the tention in points calculation at the end of the season.
I could give you top three for every race, but I guess we don't have enough time for that.

Aston North Lap #1, Turn 1.
Random Aston North picture
Blackwood [6.Round] Top 3 picture

This is my very first write up. Feedback is welcome !

Best regards,
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Emyn was ironing nicely? Can't think of what you mean there. At least Niki had some nice shirts.
Sweet story

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