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Camera Showoff
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It's pretty rare that my HTC Hero takes decent photos.
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Quote from Ni-san :It's pretty rare that my HTC Hero takes decent photos.

What is THAT thing? Looks spectacular.

Anyway, this here is a longtime-exposure-Lightroom-experimental thingy from the Ring.
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Some photos I managed to get from my time on the Isle of Man for the TT. Most of these are from the entry into Governors Bridge

John McGuinness - Padgetts Honda

Ian Hutchinson - Swan Yamaha

Guy Martin - Tyco Suzuki

Dave Molyneux/Patrick Farrance - DMR Kawasaki

Ryan farquhar - KMR Kawasaki

Yeah that is a Dodge Viper engine in a bike........mad
Nice stuff, Mackie!
Cool. Also Mackie and Spangler, awesome stuff!

Some Mexico's-Day-of-the-Dead-inspired-make-up-just-for-fun-that-I-managed-to-screw-every-single-photo:

Click for the full set.
I quite like them
Decided to join the bandwagon and get myself a DSLR. Canon EOS 600D that is.

Matej and Don,

Gorgeous pro stuff, btw what teles are you using most often?
135/f2 for me

Excellent shots, Ben.
Nice ones!
Few pics from today.. 2nd time I've used my camera this year

Few more on my Flickr
Went on roof today to take a few pictures of my beauty Pagani Zonda R 1:18 link to gallery
Great pictures in this thread.
That Zonda looks cool but I'd really like the gold ford escort... well maybe a Mark1 escort

Here's a couple of mine from today..

"Insect porn"

More at my Instagram


Camera Showoff
(5562 posts, started )