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I had a go at making a layout with LYTe, and there's great potential. There are a couple of issues that had me constantly tearing hair off of my head, however.

- It's difficult to watch the measure tool's distance in the bottom left, while trying to drag a pixel-perfect straight line. It would be easier if the distance was displayed somewhere in the vicinity of the mouse cursor.

- The measure and line tools' keyboard shortcuts are very unresponsive, I have to press them several times almost every time, and was constantly drawing lines of objects instead of measuring distance. Also, I think there'd be minimal downsides to having most shortcuts bound to a single button, without the ctrl+ form.

- When a object line is drawn, and escape is pressed prior to releasing the LMB, the objects are placed despite it appearing that the action has been canceled.

- It's quite frustrating to use the measure tool in its current way, i.e., by holding down the mouse button throughout. I used a list of cone coordinates (in metres) to make a layout. I found that holding the mouse button, while looking at the bottom left corner, while lining up a perfectly horizontal line; releasing the cursor, doing the same for a vertical line, then repeatedly hammering CTRL-L while desperately praying my mousehand wouldn't twitch a millimetre before I manage to place a cone was.. a tad tedious.

I think it would be better to have the measure tool work a bit differently: place a virtual* reference object on the map by pressing a shortcut key (say, 'D'). Then show 2 things in a convenient location, a) xy-distances and b) the resultant straight line distance, in pixels/metres/feet. This would allow measuring and placing of objects to be much easier.

*virtual: not an actual lyt object, but still visible on the map image.
You could do what I did, and make the background into a grid - see post #130 - or see attached.

Doesn't answer all your problems, but helped me, especially with some straight lines.
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AU1_on side with grid.png
Well yes, but you'd still have to be looking at the bottom left corner and some other point on the map at the same time to draw a straight line of a specific length in metres. The core problem is that it's easy to do a horizontal/vertical line, and it's easy to do a line of a specific length, but not both at the same time.

What would be really cool is if worked like in the attached illustration. Green is a placeable reference point. As you move the cursor away, feint white lines are drawn, on the sides you can see the x & y distances and the direct path distance. You can now move the mouse freely, and easily drop an object (red) at an exact location every time.
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I cant get it to work.. I dont have ramp or ramps in the Lyte program but in the objects folder i got it.. REPLY FAST
demo users cant use lyt ....
Okay, my friend got s2 but he dosent got a ramp in it... and i did got a crack s2 but it doesnt work in ther either..
Cool tool! I am glad Google found a thread with this tool! I found a missing item. The orange pointer cone is missing.
where am i suppose to save this stuff to
Although I am sure you are fine using the LYTe, I can say you won't be able to use it in LFS. The LFS demo does not allow layout files. If you upgrade to S1, you will have access to this feature, more cars and more tracks. Then you would go about saving them in LFS/data/layouts/
When will you be able to use it on other tracks?
Its borring that you only can use it on AU
noob question
i got a question: when i want to make a new layout it says that something was not found (i suppose it's the background) and i really really really want to make layouts pleeeeeeease help me :lfs::rock_band:something:dnfnoob::ambulance :uglyhamme don't be annoyed about the smilies i was just having fun ^^
and i've got another question: how do you get those neat things under the post ?! are those only for S2 licenced players?
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c c c i have a new objects.. how do i use it with Lyte ? [bad eng-sry]
#163 - Uke
You shouldn't be able to use any objects at all in LFS.
Stuff, are you interested if I could make a dutch translation for you, or do you don't think it's worth it?
Ths thing wants the backgrounds from the tracks! Where can i find them??
I have the S2 Licence...
The software work perfectly!!

But is there other tracks ?

As Kyoto......

Thanks :smileyrai
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1. why, when we move all objects simultaneously and then save the game, all the design elements mount each other, namely, those who were close to each other

2. why when you move the parking layout on the map then you save the game, he is half visible behind the fence, although he in editore is exactly in the center, how to avoid it?

Thx you.

1. Not exactly sure what you mean on this one but LYTe has always been that way, objects can be placed on top of each other. If you try that in the LFS layout editor you get an error.

2. I think this is because the shape of Blackwood, including the car park, was altered slightly in the last official patch, but LYTe has not been updated so it places objects where it believes is the correct position. I had the same problem, it was difficult to work out the difference between LYTe and LFS so I just stopped and made layouts on the Autocross and Skidpan.

Hope that answers your questions.
Some problems occur when all the layout elements are moved together from the place it(layout) was created to any direction even for a small distance, and saved (in the program layout remains inside the "parking lot"). Then, when the layout is opened in the game:
1. it(layout) can be found not in the place it was shown in the program, but a half of it is on the parking lot, and another half of it appears to be on the grass. This bug is beatable - just by moving layout to the grass on purpose to become in the center when loaded in the game. But the next one:
2. items of the layout that were close to each other intersect in the game - is hard to overcome =(

1. I downloaded v.0506 and replaced .exe with v.0507. LFS z28, XP+sp3
2. The layout moves even if i resave someone others layout without any changes.
3. The layout moves for a half of its width to the right.
4. I need to move this ( layout away for several meters from the place where the cars appear. Can someone try this and give me back the result? I need this, because cars who appear warp with the items of layout.
If the coords have changed since the lasts LFS patchs and the LFS layouts made with the LYT do strange things, it should be fixed in the LYT. I hope that the LYT programmer fix that for us

Thanks and good program
Would it be possible to update LYTe to work with Z30/open configurations?

Now that we got 800 objects to place on a vast amount of space the lfs internal editor is really not up to par anymore, it would be great to have some "offline" editing tool to make the whole thing easier.
It still does work - just not got the new objects.
That is not the problem. It only works on AU and BL Carpark, the rest of the tracks (including open configs) are not supported.

I'll call you that as it was the name I know you as from RSC if that's ok? With the new changes that have come about in the latest test patches, open configs and much greater InSim control with external editors is possible. Do you have plans to update LYTe? It seems to have gone unsupported for a while now, and I'm not sure if you have abandoned it, or are quietly working at something else. I do have a germ of an application myself that uses the new functionality, but wouldn't want to duplicate your efforts. No pressure, but a simple yay or nay would suffice.

OK.. I guess I'll give an update to my progress, if you want to call it that. Lately I've lost intrest in LFS for multiple reasons but now that things have calmed down a bit with me and with the new LFS progress, I think I will get back into this more.

I'm still poking away at the new version of LYTe/my hobby 3D engine I mentioned waay back in 2007. I've made a lot of progress on it since then of course.. but not near as much as I would have liked. Its turned more into a general game engine than anything LYTe specific really. It all still applies in a way.. My plan is to still create LYTe of course but I'm not so sure anymore. Other people have been making a lot of progress on things (especially some sweet stuff for autox) and with my absence, its only a matter of time before someone works on something better.

That time is now here I guess so I might as well come clean, show what I've got and see what others are planning to do so we can collaborate on some more sweet stuff! Stay tuned for a new post soonish with what I've got so far and we can go from there..

Cheers too!

LYTe - layout editor
(190 posts, started )