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Steam Sales
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Crysis is awesome, but lacks of story to be honest. I mean, its not very catchy and entertaining - thats what ive heard and ive played about 30% of Warhead. But for 5€ its a hell of a good deal. Would liek to get that myself too, but dont have money atm.
#277 - Woz
lol, I must be psychic as the ball is now $5

Going to grab The Ball, Greed Corp, Amnesia and Plants vs Zombies.

All four only total $18.29
Quote from Kid222 :I should've bought Mirrors Edge too.. and thinking about Crysis pack now. Anyone who played it, can i have your thoughts about gameplay/HW hungryness?

And i'm hoping in Mass Effect sale, i WANT it badly, but it was expensive first time around, so i hope for like 5€ action soon-ish.

I just got Crysis the other day. Im about half way through. The game is pretty average. The graphics are ok (running on medium). If its cheap then get it. I thought it was. Then it got cheaper
i bought team fortress 2
#280 - Woz
Is Sniper: Ghost Warrior any good? Can't decide whether I should get it.
#282 - msk
Indie Beat Pack is good
Quote from E.Reiljans :Is Sniper: Ghost Warrior any good? Can't decide whether I should get it.

I havnt heard anything good about it, but you should look into Sniper Elite, now theres a game that Ghost Warrior should of been.
But im also wondering the same thing.
Quote from AstroBoy :you should look into Sniper Elite

I have it already. Pretty decent game, love it
I like the ghost warrior, especially the stages with a silencer
Friend just gifted me L4D2 as a late b-day present.
Does anyone know if there's an uncut patch for the German version of L4D2 that actually works?
just bought GTA 4 complete
Its getting old,but quality in that game is still there
That game came out on 1999 or smthin,3£ from me!
Quote from E.Reiljans :It's id Software who sets the prices, not Valve.

Yeah, and? I didn't say anything about valve.
They're nuts, i saw Commander Keen there for ~4€ too.
Can anyone tell me what the game next to L4D2 and Hegemony are? It only says not Available in my region so its got me curious :P
Only games that i have bought from the sales is the Hitman pack (Hitman 2: Silent Assassin, Hitman: Blood Money, Hitman: Codename 47) for £4.49 and i got Killing Floor as a gift which is pretty good game for co-op play.
Both STALKER: Shadow of Chernobyl and Call of Pripyat as a bundle for £3, Amazing games for an absolute bargain.

I've got the original Stalker already, but I'm tempted by this just to get Call Of Pripyat.
As long as I remember STALKER I remember it as a really hard game,never got far

Steam Sales
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