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Quote from BlueFlame :I would commend CAMRA members but, I really dislike all ale lol whether it be draught bitter or lager, I hate it all, it just doesn't agree with my tongue at all, through my whole life I honestly believe people only put up with the taste of it because of the fact it's alcohol lol

but on a brighter note, Kopparberg mixed fruits cider. Very good indeed!

I would say that is true for a lot of people. There is a lot of alcohol I don't like so don't drink. I am very picky about it really. I've had some ales that tasted of ass and would never touch again.

One of my house mates from uni bangs on about Kopparberg all of the time. He loves it so much he created this, just so he could be in a "relationship" with it on Facespace.
I really like proper beer. My local is a York Brewery pub and they make three or four really nice proper beers so I am a bit spoilt.

I also really like red wine (Spanish, particularly), and single malt scotch, never cared for lager much. Currently I'm drinking scrumpy which I don't think I've had since I was about 10 years old but it's quite nice! I got a taste for strong cider at a festival we played this summer, they had some wicked ciders.

TBH I would probably drink anything if it came down to it, I am quite fond of getting pissed. I remember one winter where we ended up with a dozen bottles of schnapps for some reason and I managed to put all those away quite happily.
Anyway, back to the snow..
Got quite heavy over London area about midday yesterday...

Been a fair while since we had snowfall like this consistently down saath, certainly not in my memory.

EDIT: picture not mine
first time in years we've had decent snow on anglesey, normally even when orth wales is covered with the stuff we escape due to being stuck out in the sea that little bit.

funny to watch the people who've never experiencd much snow driving, one car just went past doing about 5mph, the next was doing 30 mph, i'd say that 30mph was closer to the safe speed than 5mph as the main roads are pretty good.

also have you noticed that the people who are so scared of the snow when they are driving are usually the same people who are scared to actually clean their windows first, saw a vectra last night that only had about a 6 inch clear strip across the top of his windscreen, unless he was a basketball player i can't imagine he could see anything much at all. about 15 years ago a woman having driven 10 miles to our village and parked on the hgih street with just a "letterbox" to see through manged to start off and drive straight into the lorry parked in front of her as she hadn't seen it, apart from her windscreen, you'd wonder how she didn't notice it when she got into the car
Did want to wash my car and do a few other things but 6 inches of snow can sometimes screw up your day.
Home sweet home.
I was on the road for 1-2 hours on highway going 80 with 15 cm of snow on it. Then i driven on local roads with 20-30 cm of snow on it... FUN
Ford Ka is the best
Woke up this morning, heard the Gillingham game had been cancelled. Thought to myself, ok pitch must be frozen or something. I txt my mate Sam to see if he wants to come out to a local football centre for a kickabout and smash a few at me in goal. He says I'm mental so I'm thinking, wut? Look out the window for the first time in the morning... "****!" It's like a blizzard outside at the moment. Already about a foot of snow and rising rapidly. Not even the cars are removing the snow from the road it's coming down so thick and fast! Lots of people are stuck in it. Not seen it coming down like this, or seen this much snow before Christmas, in my lifetime.
just spent 30 odd minutes laughing my head off.

our local hooligan boy racer, the one who's always wheelspinning, handbraking round the village all night, never goes anywhere but drives all night. anyway his super low, super wide tyred, super bodykitted saxo got stuck on about 4inches of snow whilst all the grannies etc were driving past him. took him 15 mins to realise that just sitting there spinning your wheels doesn't help before he had a bit of a dig around and then to cap it all he first managed to loosen his front spoiler by using it as a snow plough then ripped his rear bumper kit off completely before loosing his rag and kicking his door hard enough to put an big dent in it and break the window which was wound half way down.

made my christmas

Thats the reason I dont want to live in North Pole
How about this for Scotland? My poor Astra VXR lol all that power n nothing to put it down with

in a few days the snow almost got to the top of the 19 inch wheels lol
Nice car
Quote from dawesdust_12 :They are understandable. They're totally seperate thoughts and don't belong in the same paragraph, but they make sense.

wow,she is smart
Quote from -NightFly- :it's getting a bit chilli around here also.

edit* Darn, it's only -12 but it sure does feel like a lot more.

im in tartu for the 3rd day already, and the weather last night was horrible. -14 + blizzard x_x
Quote from DevilDare :Yeah... Women drivers?

The guy probably should of helped her.

In my appartment car park, I hid whilst having a smoke, cos I ain't gonna help nobody, and plus, once they ask, you can't just say NO, can you? But if they don't ask you can't help!

well, today morning was pretty atleast. havent seen a sunday morning for quite a while
Don't see why the guy should of helped her, she clearly doesn't deserve to be on the roads with that kind of mentality, the fact she didn't seem to realise her car was even RWD (kicking around the front wheels in the beginning of the vid) shows to me that she doesn't understand simple concept of physics for her own car.

Ice sucks.

The only person who has been able to get down is the Game Keeper on his quad, but he has to get out a different way because it wouldn't go back up the hill.

To give you an idea of how cold it is, that was running with water so rapid it has removed most of the road surface and created huge potholes. And it still froze up. Over the beck (also running faster because the snow was thawing) the ice is 6" thick.
Quote from BlueFlame :In my appartment car park, I hid whilst having a smoke, cos I ain't gonna help nobody, and plus, once they ask, you can't just say NO, can you? But if they don't ask you can't help!

we don't make the rules. we just stick to them
Quote from Fuse5 :havent seen a sunday morning for quite a while

Sober weekend?

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