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That pic is great.

Quote from GreyBull [CHA] :Anyway, what will you do:

Option n°1: Watch quali and race without sleeping for the whole night.

This one it will be.

Sleep is overrated!
I'm going to watch quali and race live, but I don't know what I'm going to do about the v8s. Probaby watch another day..
Red Bull wins that one easily.
EJ's link is broken...
@GreyBull's post...It's tough to choose an option in my case, because I'd have to stay awake to watch a PPV event on the U.S of A the night after the race, and two nights up are deadly for me :X

Any tips on how to build a bed near the PC, because I can't be arsed to move my own :X
Quote from GreyBull [CHA] :Don't know what they'll do if the same situation occurs before the race. Fuji 2007 anyone?

Anyway, what will you do:

Option n°1: Watch quali and race without sleeping for the whole night.
Option n°2: Watch quali, then go to bed and sleep for 4 hours, wake up and watch race
Option n°3: Sleep, wake up for qual, sleep, wake up for the race
Option n°4: Sleep, miss qual, wake up for the race.
Option n°5: Just stick on Bathurst 1000

It might be number 1 for me.

Scared to go for number 2 as I am a very deep sleeper... Alarms just dont work on me.
No.4 for me. I need sleeps.
Any news on the sunday forecast?

Quote :Although the track is set to remain damp for the start of qualifying, radar predictions show there is no chance of a repeat of the downpours that marred Saturday. There remains some cloud cover at Suzuka, but blue skies are breaking through.

Number 2, if i miss it, shoot me please
#88 - CSF
I predict a penalty for Heidfeld, clearly blocked Buemi.
#89 - CSF
If I were Schumacher right now I would go hards for session 3....
Meh our super nice channel gave up on the qualify broadcast because it changed day/time, as they can't whatsoever delay any of their incredibly awful shows.

Red Bulls looking super fast, and Williams is doing nice!
#91 - CSF
Kubica to lead into t1, Vettel to go to defend and take them out. Everyones tyres to go off and button to win.
Kubica ftw
#93 - JCTK
Jensen qualifying on the prime, was that a "team decision" or a "clear team strategy"~?

or perhaps it would works wonder for him tomorrow. This year's McLaren isn't great in tyres conservation (as can be seen from Singapore, towards the end of their first stint on option they were lapping like 2-3sec slower than Vettel and Alonso), and with all rubber washed off the track, the options with full tank most probably wouldn't last very long...
hahahaha nice fail from Di Grassi

Gotta love Sutil that want to show the japanese that he is a dorifuto king xD
So far my driver of the race has to be Kobayashi, he is driving like a pro. He could be a front runner if he was in a faster car.
Bad luck for Ferrari, hoping tht Massa would take some points away from the other teams. Lewis, losing 3rd gear.

The BBC not immune to technical problems, first we lost Brundle and Legard, being swapped to the Radio 5live team David Croft and Anthony Davidson. Before being returned to the sounds of Brundle with now race sounds, the only car soudns coming from the BBC was as they screamed passed the commentary box.
Awesome race from Kobayashi
Looks like a 3 way fight for the title now, with Webber having a little buffer.

Kobayashi was easily the driver of the day though.
Amazing race from Kobayashi.
Kamui Kobayashi should be sponsored by No Fear.

Gotta love Kobakaze \o/

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