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Quote from LFSn00b :BUT WAIT, whats this?

Are... Those... Credits? Which say "Designed by JJ72"?

Yes, yes I believe that's correct :doh:
i see the 72 part, but where do you get jj from it
Quote from morpha :While I generally agree with what you say, it's a bit different in this case. This particular skin comes with LFS and the skins are not listed in the credits, how is he supposed to know who made it? (I don't really expect an answer, just pointing it out)

Anyway, all that can be said about the skin has been said by 5tag.

as stated above : modified version of the default LX4_AMON Skin

I figured since it was a standard game ski nand i left the credits of the original maker in the skin i thought it was fine

I'm big on not stealing others works because I was into pixel cars and it was annoying to see stuff like that happen
Since the credits are in the skinfile also means someone made it, right ?.Well at least you left the credits in so you propably arent doing it on purpose.
However since you see a credit in the skinfile don`t you think you should do some checking first next time before you edit another skin ?
skin for team Furious Drift

Tadaa! Did some stripes.
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Well,that's your opinion. I just like to have my skin clean,not covered in billion race sponsors.
LX6 skin made by me
Feel free to edit and use

Tell me what you think
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Quote from Tipsu :LX6 skin made by me
Feel free to edit and use

Tell me what you think

Low-res, but nice.
For my personal use on those S2 servers I will be joining in the near future

IT was originally supposed to be dark green with the polished aluminum look but I couldn't get that to look right, but I then found a picture of a Caterham with CF fenders, nose, and mirrors, so I did that. I might change the color, not sure yet. This is my first skin also.
not sure, but to get that effect, you might want to play around with "car shine" in the cfg file...not sure if the viewer has that, but in lfs you can

also to get the polished aluminum look you might want to find a reference picture and use the pen tool to recreate it, cause i know its one solid color, with darker lines running through it, that are very thin
I'm still learning, so I'll revisit this idea in the near future, when I have the skill to help out. But I changed the grey color to a dark red and it looks even more awesome to me
éX-Driver Suichi Sugano Public Skin for LX4 / LX6.

Skin are based on Super 7 from Movie. I'm know, the Rear Guard in movie be orange, but black looking better . I hope u will like it.
(PrtScr are from OVA)

From OVA 1 - From Game 1
From OVA 2 - From Game 2

17.10.2010 UPDATE
I Remake skins on 2048x2048 res. and "fix" it totaly. new skins names.
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OK, Here's the latest.

It's based off of a friend's Westfield, which has more than a little work done to it. The real thing's halfway between LX4 and LX6, so it's a case of working out which version you like most. (The LX6 version has some bits and bobs where the LX4's spare wheel is). I dunno how much hp the LX6 has but the Westie has 250

Sorry about the low res logos, but I couldn't get them in any higher res, and I don't have the time to make them

This is the real car;

The LX4 version;

The LX6 version;

Quote from Stig209 :i made sort of caterham R500 on LX4. it's my first LX skin so it isn's very good.

And couple of in-game screenies:

the skin isn't uploaded yet

Sorry to pee on your fire so to speak.....But this skin has already been made before & is on here for public download.....
Try using the search or having a look 1st in future. Cause I carnt see any difference between yours & the one thats already been done.

In fact LX Skins Page 15 2nd post.......
oh sh*t but i've done it and thats it
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Hah! no preview - you'll just have to risk it. My apologies if this has already been done, but I didn't get time to read the rest of the posts...

It's a Caterham Lotus Super 7 - slightly used/worn.

Oh, and a trick for brushed aluminium - easy - add a decent amount of noise to a (new) gray layer and then run a motion blur filter through it. i like making a random cloud pattern as a selection set, and then have the motion blur going in two different directions by selecting all the white area in the cloud, and then motion blurring the noise, then inverting the selection and filtering again, but with the blur going in a different direction. Then you simply play with the levels until you find the shade of grey you want.

i hope this is useful
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I update my LX skins, higher res, fix painting, bla bla bla, so all better.

éX-Driver Suichi Sugano Public Skin for LX4 / LX6.
lotus r600
Hi this is my first skin of LX6
I make a fantasy caterham r600 lotus
please vote it.
(i make it in paint)
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LX6_LOTUS R600.jpg
caterham r600 lotus.JPG
The skin isn't too bad especially since it was made in paint But I'm terribly sorry, you're going to get the ban hammer hitting you since LX6 is not drivable in demo
Hey speed check his acc first......

Toooooootti...... you make the pic in paint????

LX Skins (All)
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