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[OLD] Tyre Physics Progress Report
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Never forget that our savior, allmighty Lerts, helped us reach enlightment. He, the one with the power to open the lost world, opened our eyes and set our minds free to be able stepping into the second world. Now there are two world, the life as we know it will never be the same...
Quote from rediske :yeah, the rally pack.... *sigh*

(another lie)

BS! Another typical example of someone clinging on to something the development team once said they would like to do. For years a lot of people have been complaining about the lack of communication from the developers - well, here's your answer to why they generally are being more in-communicative (this is also something that has already been explained in depth by Scawen).

The rally pack was first mentioned in 2005 or 2006. Get over it. Should it be released one day, fine, but there's no need to clutter the forum complaining about stuff like this over and over again.
Quote from Amynue :You can try to make your own rally pack or something while waiting for the patch, it's more creative than endles pressing F5 buttton

It's a pain that I can't publish it. Would make as all forget about 0.6A for some time. I can only imagine how much fun would it be to play online with 32 peoples at track... tons of flying around at T1.... and overal madness :ernaehrun

That really looks like Blackwood tarmac has removed and its reinstalling is under construction
I tell you what it looks like; It looks like someone tok a really big dump of crap all over Blackwood!
Yeah,a dump with patterns.
Quote from rockclan :AAAAAAH, DON'T TEASE ME, GIEF, GIEF, GIEF.


It's just a texture?
Has the new LFS been released yet??
Scawen please close this thread too ...
And another will be created...
Quote from Byku :And another will be created...

Maybe ban the words S3, Update, Patch, and some others in topic names.
Quote from Byku :And another will be created...

For noob there are so many solution ....

Ban, account deletion and many many other.
Scirocco got leaked :munching_
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It's amazing what you can do with Photoshop and a CMX viewer these days. Isn't it
Quote from Amynue :Scirocco got leaked :munching_

(all this is fake, for those who believe)
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Quote from Amynue :Scirocco got leaked :munching_

I don't think that is PS'ed, BUT that is probably a mod based of an LFS car. Somehow Amynue knows how to mod wheels too.
Quote from :It's amazing what you can do with Photoshop and a CMX viewer these days. Isn't it

I think Amynue has genuinely put the car in the game... his track surface changing has showed that he has some knowledge of modding LFS beyond what is possible for most people.

It's too good to be a Photoshop edit.. it's just too 'natural'. Everything is perfectly in proportion.
nah its photoshop
The only one you can tell is Shopped (from Flame's post) is the second one. All of the front wheels are pointing straight, which they wouldn't be in the positions those cars are There's also something off about the whole thing, but I can't place what it is exactly. Maybe it's a lack of aliasing or the shadows not being right, I can't say. But the other external one is pretty good.
Volkswagen Scirocco....who gives a sh*t....roll on Gran Turismo 5
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[OLD] Tyre Physics Progress Report
(4436 posts, closed, started )