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we're going to die?
ohhhh, the facts....
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Quote from Zay :Hey guys.
No, I am not talking about the movie.
Well lets get started by saying how incredibly accurate the ancient mayan calender was. It predicted things that are even today, impossible or nearly impossible to predict. And guess what?, the mayan calender ends on a specific date in December 2012. Also, scientists have proven that we will come very close to a black hole sometime very near this date. For those of you that don't know, well, get it in this way: We are absolutely defenceles from black holes. There gravatational pull is so intense that not even light can escape. It would literally rip earth apart, then rip more pieces apart, until earth would become absolutely nothing. Yes, I know this is automatically hard for the human brain to comprehend, but earth would in fact become nothing at all. Thats how dense they are. So, my question is, do you belive 2012 will be doomsday?
Me personnally sais possibly.


Do you wear those Wolf Fleece Jumpers?

Quote from MR_B :Do you wear those Wolf Fleece Jumpers?


looool, why i dont have that kind of fleece?
So, my phone says all my texts are from 2016... I must have survived.
Quote from Becky Rose :There will be an OS patch at some point, but you'll still end up with a mullet and a moustache.

ahem theres plenty of os patches already
its called installing the amd64 kernel

frankly if you *nix types had any sense whatsoever youd have made that date coincide with 2012
i dont think its gunna end my 2 cents
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Quote from MR_B :Do you wear those Wolf Fleece Jumpers?


Haha nope not me.
I want that sweater though.
Quote from Becky Rose :
See the problem with Jan 19 2038, 03:14:07 is that there just isn't enough bits left in a long int to keep counting the time on stateless computing systems (such as the web), so after that we'll all roll back to 1st January 1970 which meens you lot are going to get mullets and moustaches.

Becky, what if I already have a moustache and mullet-ish hair? Do I get an afro? Cool
Saying that the Mayans "predicted" stuff is as accurate as Nostradamus doing the same thing. Translation of Mayan writings is going to be sketchy at best - they weren't exactly friendly to outsiders. So you start with a mistranslation (even if only slightly) and that gets taken over the years to mean different things by different people (before written documentation). The next thing you know an event has happened and then in hindsight you can apply some of that "knowledge" to the event and claim that they were prophetic.

If, for example, I said that a life-changing catastrophy will happen near the beginning of the 21st century it could mean anything. A plane might crash, a boat might sink. Something is inevitably going to happen that will change a few people's lives. It's called "subjective validation", people. You give vague information so that people who want to believe something read more into it than you could ever have known to begin with.
Quote from lamerr :Its more like 2012 is the end of a 26000 year cycle of the zodiac, and earth will be aligned with the center of the milky way.. I dont believe its the end of anything. We are currently in the piecian age, and this will end 21-12-2012, then we enter the aquarian age.

yup...21-12-2012 I will be exactly 22 years old...





12 and 10 , 12-10-2111

lol =) I still not believe it, but it is funny to make like these
Incidental, becuase 22,12,2012 I'll be 21
Quote from nikopdr :Becky, what if I already have a moustache and mullet-ish hair?

Then you will still be in a different decade to the rest of us.

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